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We decided to take a mini-vacation down to San Diego to use our free passes to the zoo- we needed to escape the snow and cold and experience some real California weather. Job wanted to look up his old friend, Steve Leader, who is a Resident Director at Point Loma University in San Diego. Steve was an amazing host, and let us all- Job, Lisa, and our family, stay at his unbelievable apartment(can you picture ocean views from all sides?) More than that, Steve turned out to be an excellent tour-guide- he took us to a full-of-character restaurant, and then to the Del Mar Hotel- the ritziest place you can imagine.
He took us to breakfast at the school dining hall, and then came with us to the zoo for a few hours the next day, even though we had forced him to play the longest game of Settlers Of Catan ever the night before.
I forgot how much I liked Steve Leader. He's a nice guy, all-around. My kids liked him, too. But Lucy is really excited about where she gets to eat her dinner.

So …
This is a picture of Lucy on the beach at night, but the night covers all the beach, so here is Lucy.
So the babes went to sleep at ten p.m. and woke at 6 a.m....Uncle Jobie was also up, kind of. I let them watch early morning t.v. so that I could get another hour or so of sleep, and so Uncle Jobie wouldn't be driven crazy.
Lucy at the zoo- she can say, "monkey."
She hugged the baby gorilla, and then had to hug all of the other gorilla statues, too. she can say, "hug."
Bowden rode on the big Gorilla statue...again.
Lucy and Aunt Lisa enjoying some quality sit-down time together. Lucy can say, "sit," but it sounds like a bad word. She can also say, "up" and, "carry."
Lucy loves Aunt Lisa. She calls her, "Li-lis."
I was a little tired after a few hours- four or so- of walking up and down hills, and I found a nice cave to hide in, with the kidlins, of course.

This is Lucy tripping, and running into my knee. If I wasn't there, she would have rammed the bench.
She still wasn't very happy about it.
She got over it quickly.
The condor...showing off for a girl condor.
Finally at the elephants! Bowden ran around with amazing energy, and then would need to be carried...which is why Josh has the pained look on his face.
Lucy did not want to be held. She is saying, "walk." I still managed to get a picture of all the "born-Tates" in our group.
We ended the day with a trip to the children's zoo. Bowden has actually learned to be 'gentle and quiet' with the goats, and this one liked his petting, I think.

Lucy was not quiet, nor was she gentle, no matter how much I admonished her, and the goat quickly went into her safe zone.
Enjoying the caged bunnies.

And the finale of the show- the little fountain that kept them entertained while Mommy found a bathroom. They didn't want to leave it.
We picked Job up from the Palm spring Airport yesterday and went out to eat at P.F. Changs...but posed in front of the giant pig at Babe's Restaurant. Josh really liked the pig.

And now they are playing on the ballfield.....right now!!!
Pictures from today. Wish it was warmer, so that we could have been outside more, but I did take a lazy day and read a book.
Lucy's room, in the crib that must be propped up by the wall, or lean. I'm figuring out her "exit strategy" to the little bed in Bowden's room. We had to move Bowden when he was fifteen months old because he would climb out and not get back in, but Lucy has not been so prone to escape.
Baby Jack will sleep in our room for the first three to five months anyway, or until he gives up night feedings, and Bowden is excited at the prospect of a roommate, but I have considered putting the new one in his room, and keeping our very easily awakened girl to herself.
No injury, except to the marker.
Everyone loves to watch Diego go.
Unless Josh is really asleep.
Today was a warm day- a good day to play outside. The kidlins made a friend with a camper girl, and the three of them played happily until it was naptime for Lucy Gates.
Bowden resting after running "for an hour!"
The underside of the playarea.
Making caves with a new friend.

Sitting next to Mama on the big table.

Lucy saying cheese...
Bowden loved his Valentine's Day Cards.
These are some pictures that show how fat my face and legs and ankles got...both compliments of Lisa. I was about 41 and a half weeks pregnant...but I don't think that I'll get quite this bad with Jack- I didn't with Lucy. You think I'm wearing strappy sandals in the above picture, but really I'm just wearing flip-flops.
Three days after delivery, my face and feet were back to normal.