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I Was A Girl Scout Brownie Leader

I led Lucy's Brownie troop this year, with the help of one wonderful woman named Cassandra.  I led Lucy's Daisy troop last year, and while I really love being with Lucy, I have a hard time believing in Girl Scouts.  It seems like an empty promise, an incomplete hope, and I'm tired of dedicating my energy to it.  I was convinced to see the year out by our leader, and I'm glad I did.  In the same breath, I am glad that this was my last year leading.
I did get to hang out with one of my favorite moms, Dawn Sonnier.  She's always posing.  You'll see.

Marin, Cassandra and Dawn

So blessed am I by the mountains my God has do I deserve to live here?  I don't- but God loves me, and He is quick to reveal Himself and His love all around me.

It was a hard weekend.  I had just found out that our friend Lucas had died as I was packing up to go.  It was good to keep busy, but every spare moment was eaten up by thinking about him, and praying for his family.…

Gold Rush 2013

My mom's extended- and I mean, extended- family holds an annual Gold Rush up at my Uncle's house in Ione, California.  We enjoyed a pretty fun couple of days up there.  That's all I have to say about it.
 Cousin Tony driving the whatever vehicle this is.
 Assorted cousins.

 My mom took the kid's on a pony ride.
 Enjoying the creek.

 Umpa with some of my cousin's children.

 And sleepy driving.  That's the trip.