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I have been a bit too busy to post, and my camera broke so that it will not be giving me any more pictures, but the good news is that we're going to Vermont and Philadelphia for business and pleasure, though not in that order. My number, because I feel confident that no one will call who doesn't know me, is 818 321 1329. I would love to see whoever I can!
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Our third baby will be born in June or July...I'm not really sure, and I don't have a doctors appointment until December 14th.
She or he will be Sharon Rose Paulson Tate or (buckle up) Johnadams Fox Ebenezer Paulson Tate.
It's my child. He or she can have five million names if I want, right?
I like Rose of Sharon, but the only way I can get Josh to agree is if we name our next boy Bull Bradley instead of Bradley Bull. And that's just cruel.
The word is out. Yahoo!
Bowden, in true Tate boy fashion, got very excited about the piles of leaves all around the Inn, and played in them for thirty minutes before I made him come inside. He even let me take pictures, and threw leaves up for me to enjoy.
Taco Bell time. Bowden hovered around the candy machines the whole time even though he never got any coins.
Keith and Paula Shirley, our directors here at Camp, held the annual Thanksgiving party at the Maple Lodge, and I put hair clips in Lucy's hair for the occasion. We ate delicious finger foods and played the double rolling game and collected from the "table of plenty."
That's all there was to it. It was nice.
Don't give me trouble for crappy posts. I'm POSTING.
Went for a walk on our day off. Bowden brought his knapsack, just in case.
Pow-wow in the sand.
Very important business going on.
Almost top secret!
We took a little trip to Target, and we found a little pony that reacts to being brushed or fed a carrot. Amazing. Bowden's desired Christmas present (bought on sale already) is the Mega T-Rex. He vacillates between the red one and the green one, but I think he'll be happy either way. It moves in disturbing lifelike ways.
We were discussing our profile shots, and decided to imitate the king of posing, Jobias Tater. For your viewing pleasure.
We went to the yearly church picnic, held this year at Lake Hemet. We were antisocial and hung out with each other near the lake as opposed to with the other church-goers near the parking lot. The kids enjoyed feeding the lone duck, although Bowden was much better at breaking off small pieces and throwing them to the duck. Lucy's contribution was her peanut butter choclate chip cookie, which sank in the shallows, but was still gobbled up. We got to the picnic late, because we had to serve a camp lunch, but I enjoyed myself.
Went on a walk in the county park, and then we started off on an impromptu hike to "the summit" in our flip-flops. Lucy wanted to walk the whole time, and Bowden wore himself out walking, but it was very fun. You can tell from the pictures that I made Lisa do most of the hard work carrying and toting children.
It was 70 degrees in Idyllwild we played outside. Lucy had the greatest outfit on of her 18 month of them!
Went to sushi with Lisa and Kaitlin in Hemet...Lucy was good for about two seconds, and then I had to walk her around outside, only to get a phone call from Josh saying that Bowden had the stomach flu...and then I got it that night, too. Lucy had it earlier, and her appetite was not yet as voracious as it normally is...she might have been happier at dinner if she had wanted to eat....ah, well.

I told Bowden and Josh to look like Redskins, and this is what I got. Bowden, knowing how the camera works, wanted to see the pictures right after, and when we showed his dad the last one, he said, "That's my tough face!"
Bowden is the one that wanted the "football helmets" on, and he was excited to find a silly putty egg "football."
Lucy hamming it up.
Go. Diego. Go.
Yes, my children watch television. Bowden has the dual pleasure of watching t.v. and eating a lollipop at the same time.
They've been watching a little too much recently, so we cut back the past few days to two shows...maybe still too much.
Enjoy the glazed expressions, but you miss the giggles at the monkeys and the hiding that comes when a puma stalks out of the mountains.
I liked it because they both positioned themselves next to each other on the couch and watched in peace for a few happy minutes.
Not all of these pictures are good, but I can't seem to ignore them, or leave them out, since they capture such rare moments.
We had mexican for lunch the day the Arensen family had to leave, and Lucy loved her burrito...well, my burrito.
Rosie seems a little grossed out.
Lilee loved everything. She's a happy little sprite.
My children blended right in with the Arensen family, and we enjoyed a lot of time spent in my Uncle Tony and Aunt Marlene's "movie" room. I loved it. I love this kind of time, where little is expected and so much is gained.
I have a lot of pictures of Ian like this, because he loved my camera, and every time I would get a nice candid shot of him, he'd notice the camera and lunge for it. I like Ian tons- I think he's got the strongest pesonality I've ever seen in a baby...which is hard to validate, but he really is a character.
My very favorite Chinese food is found at the Vegetable Delight- a vegetarian chinese food place. Rosie loves this place too, so when we were thinking of a place to eat the night before the reception, we all ended up there.
The babies had fun, and so did the big people, but I only take baby pictures, I guess.