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Here are a few photos to start the summer.
Jack and Lucy and I in Wells, Maine- we drove down to see my niece Grace Tate (Joel and Christine's second) graduate from high school.  Bowden was too cool to look at the ocean and Miles is the pokiest puppy.  I think Charlie was asleep in his carseat.
Squishing my boy in the airport before he left for California. Bowden turned 15 the day before this picture.
Lucy on Rock Dundar, on the shores of Lake Champlain.  Living in Maine means that we are a short 81/2 hours away from Josh's family- much better than the 22 from Florida.
On the way home from Vermont, I picked up Ruslan- in green- and two brothers that a friend of mine is hosting.  Ruslan is near fluent in English, and acted asa translator for Ivan and Illia.
Miles gave up his room for Ruslan (pronounce roos-lawn.). This is a picture of him settling into his new room.
The view from our parking lot.  This is Salmon Brook.
Enjoying the indoor pool at the University of Maine in Pres…

Another summer, and the days swim by...

I'm typing this from my table on the second story of my strange house in Northern Maine- I look out over a lovely, long brook and a public playground, and Jack walking in circles with one of his zip-ties, face scrunched up, making noises for whatever the zip-tie is meant to be at this moment, in this game.  He's walking in our parking lot- maybe the biggest parking lot in the small town of Washburn, Maine.  Our house used to sit on top of Sperrey's Superette, one of two grocery stores in the town, and now sits over 2,400 square feet of unfinished something.  We like the possibility of it, the potential, but potential unused becomes something less appealing, so it is our giant living room/ playroom.  The house/store was built in 1901 on the site of the old Mill, but it lacks all the charm of an older house.  Instead, it is strange.  Three staircases, one of them a metal spiral staircase, and all of them at least a little scary.  A three-person tub with whirlpool jets on the…