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Jack's birthday was June 8th. Bowden's birthday was on June 10th. Miles celebrated his second birthday on the fourteenth of July. Lucy, my only girl, had her birthday yesterday. She turned six, and of all of the things that happened yesterday, I took a picture of our time getting a pedicure. This is something that Lucy asks for constantly. Nails painted, MAKE-UP (What? I wear make-up like once a month. And when I mean make-up, I mean mascara and maybe a little eye-liner. Not even lipstick. Not even LIP PLUMP. What is this?) the frilliest dresses, the most outrageously bright and flowered prints.
When I try to introduce the browns and greys and blacks in small amounts, they are discarded. I should say, they are ignored. Initially, any clothes are welcomed with thanks and hugs. Hugs for the giver and for the clothes. But then they sit in the drawers, lonely in their wrongness. Later my little girl will tell me, I don't really like that..."
Still, she's a runner and a …
Immediately after school ended, we went on our annual camping trip with the Whites, Bayers, and Campbells. I didn't take any pictures except of our trip to the creek.

I think that Lucy looks just like my mom. I think that my mom doesn't look as much like my mom, she's so fit and trim. I took this at our tea party back in May.
Jack celebrated his fourth birthday five days early at his preschool. He loved it. I made cupcakes, and his teacher made his birthday crown. There's Teacher Kathy! This happened in June! we're catching up!

Uncle Job stopped by for part of a day while he was learning about dangerous things near Death Valley. His visit coincided with the Irving's visit...awesome all around.

We bought a new couch from our friends, the Whites, and sent the blue-and-white guy packing. One of us was devastated.
Josh tore out a large piece of the back and saved it for Bowden. It eased his heart, but he was really upset that the couch was going. we had no idea that he cared about it at all.

The new couch, and Bowden with his remnant.

I also got a bread-maker. Before summer started, I made four loaves in three weeks. The couch was fifty dollars, with the bread maker thrown in for free! What a deal!!!!

(But this was MAY. That's a long time ago. Right now my sister-friend and brother-friend, Lisa and John, are up visiting for two and a half days. That's real-time.)