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The morning before everyone left was kind of a bummer. Good thing I'm not posting this on Josh's blog. We miss our Vermont family!
Thanksgiving day was very laid back, and I took the eight kids on a walk to, you guessed it, SEABRIDGE. I think that they liked it as much as I do, although none of them seemed all that impressed at my declaration that I was going to retire there.

Miles was asleep, so I didn't get to get him in with the rest of the flock.
We exercised.

Or something like that.

I brought nine water bottles.
We returned to the beach out nicely worn out and a little sun-kissed. It was super pleasant and made me believe that having 8 children wouldn't be too bad.
As long as some of them were 10 an 11...that's the trick, my friends. My husband quickly assured me that I could barely handle the four I currently have. Ah, well.
We went to the mall with Joel and Christine and the kids. I should have written "The Mall." It was the Northridge Mall, you know, the mall in THE VALLEY.

They liked the fountain, but nobody loves the mall the way I do.
I have a table full of black and white photos that I periodically update...they need to be changed out more often- I've been looking at a two-month old baby Miles for over a year, as my little man has become something more than the spud her resembles in that particular photo.
I had the excellent idea of getting my kids with their Vermont cousins while I still could, so Tuesday night I borrowed Josh's camera to make these happen.
The pictures didn't really turn out. I have become convinced recently that I need a nicer camera...that my prodigious talent for blogging is underused and under appreciated-by myself- because my camera SUCKS. Target has a camera nicer than one I've ever owned and not so nice that I'd need to get out a hefty loan to get it.
Just a tiny loan. Of $650. Is that too much?
I digress...he are the black and whites I took. Bowden and Obadiah Tom, the tow oldest boys in their families.
Look at that sweet face!
Obie and his Papa.
My Vermont nieces. …