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Don't worry, even my virtual villagers have been suffering.
Tomorrow we go with the staff to the beach, and on Sunday, Bowden and Lucy are having a joint 3 and 5 year old birthday party!
So, many pictures to look forward to, but I need to slow down a little.
Bowden and Lucy just finished their first week of swim lessons, and Bowden had his first week of Vacation Bible School ever at church this week!
We have two weeks of summer done- already- and we it to win it.

The best news- maybe ever?
Bowden asked Jesus into his heart on the twentieth with Josh! My son is now my brother! Praise the Lord, and praise the Lord, and praise the Lord!
This baby was cranky. He's been cranky for a few months, now. I thought that the advent of crawling would lessen his manic obsession with being held by me...I know, I know, he just loves me....but I do get tired of holding him. I hate to let him cry, so I hold him. I'd like there to be a happy medium.
He was especially cranky on Saturday. I think he might not be feeling great, and it breaks my heart. Finally asleep, I captured one of the few happy moments in his morning.
Actually, after this nap, and then a second nap- unheard of for this boy- he was feeling better, and played on the porch pretty happily. So what am I complaining about? He won't want to be held forever...
Lucy's tongue was on display, as is the custom of her people, the long-tongue-big-mouthed-stompy-feet sort.
Bowden played with an empty soda bottle and asked more times than he is supposed to for a real soda.
The answer was no.
Sodas are reserved for those with stomach issues.
And mommies and daddi…
What prompted this madness?

(Abigail made Jack this lovely shirt- the best shirt he owns.)

Nathanael Peck gave Josh this Redskins hat at devotions a couple of days ago. In accordance with the wish of the Vermont masses, I here post some pictures of the Pecks.
Rachel on the swing with Shannon.
Nathanel between Chris and Nathan.
My Bowden will be attending kindergarten next year, and our little school had a week of "Kindergarten Boot-Camp."
Dressed himself, backward, and enjoyed the week enormously.My biggest boy, an ancient five years old and off to school in the fall. It's the last summer of his babyhood.
Here's the proof.

This baby eats. I've seen it myself. And he's a chunk. That's what I call him, most-times. Chunk.
But my doctor said that he was in the 25th percentile for height, and 10th for weight!!!!
She must have read the chart wrong. He weighs just under 20 lbs, and look at those rolls! Hisfeet are fat.
She told me he needs to gain weight. Humph.
"Momma. I have a joke for you."
"Okay, what?"
"What can you hear, but you can't see?"
"Is this a joke, or a riddle?"
"A riddle!"
"Oh......the wind!"
"Yeah! That's a good riddle and a good joke."
"It's a good riddle, but it's not a joke. A joke is funny. It makes you laugh."
"Oh..........What does an ant do when you touch it?
"I don't know, what?"
"It wiggles around! (laughs) Now that's a good joke!"
Bowden caught his first lizard today- all by himself. Our round birdcage of a bird feeder had actually trapped a pygmy nuthatch in the empty seed chamber, and we all went out to watch as Josh set it free. I casually pointed out the lizard on the wall of the house, and Bowden went after it.
He said, surprised, "I caught it!"

I talked him into letting it go pretty quickly, after he'd pet it for a few minutes, and he raced around looking for others to catch. So begins this boy's lizard hunting.

Bowden's birthday began on the ninth...and keeps has density, this fifth birthday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese early on Monday...avoiding crowds.

Umpa took Bowden on a special trip to get a wagon, but ended up with a bike...
Bowden loved it, but fell asleep before the ice cream Umpa had planned to get.
Today Teacher Kathy let Bowden wear his "five crown" and be line leader all day. What a birthday!
We spent Jack's first birthday in the Valley. My grandparents came to my mother's house for cake- a chocolate one not smashed by the birthday boy- bringing my Aunt Angie. Cousin Andy came with Leyla, too, so it was actually a party! Jack really didn't want to sit for the cake. He really wanted to be with his balloons. When we finally got him to try it, he liked it.

Mostly he liked the frosting, although he did eventually try the cake.
Happy birthday, my littlest man!
Why no posts recently? I am mourning the loss of my memory card, full of memories...

I am reminded of the time in Bowden's early days when I was video taping him doing nothing and realized that the tape had been rewound, and that I had erased a large portion of his first minutes.

I tend to get too attached to the physical reminders of meaningful moments.
I'll move on.
A moment in the life of Lucy Spoon...

"Hi! I a baby anaconda!"
Speaking for a spaghetti noodle at the lunch table.
"Meet my friend, Tuppa!"
Showing noodle purple rubber band in other hand.
"Mmmmmm. Mmm."
Eating baby anaconda.
"Hello, everybody!"
Talking to forkful of soon-to-be-digested baby anacondas.
Lucy had a chance to feed Selah this visit. Lucy also likes to feed Jack.

Selah was very democratic about it all.
Jacky was not so easily assured that Bowden could feed him as well as Mama.
Yesterday was meant to be the day that Bowdenitsu graduated from preschool. Teacher Kathy had been teaching all the kids a series of dances and signing that the kids were to perform at the "show." She even bought them this t-shirt, star necklace, and bandana. Bowden had a motorcycle solo, had all the signs down, and couldn't wait to do the chicken dance with his dad onstage. "We're going to go so fast that time! It's a surprise!"
But, alas! Bowden woke up with a stomach bug, and while in the early stages we thought that he might possibly still make it, he threw up two minutes after this picture was taken. He was pretty upset, and so was I.
How much of my disappointments and celebrations are wrapped up in our children. I can't remember the last time I felt so sad.
He's doing much better today, and has left it all behind. What a troopa!