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Showing posts from April, 2008
A moment or two of silence brought me from the kitchen... see this happy scene.

I like it when silence indicates looking through books and not eating candy, or emptying the stapler of its staples, or looking through the box of give-away things.

Three kid pile-up.
Josh read to the chickens about some of their feathered relatives.

You push a button, and hear the owl call, "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?"
Now that Jack has entered into the eating world, he's making up for lost bites. He virtually asked for a strawberry as I was washing a half-flat for dessert. He's had them before, with no ill effects, so I gave him another. This is his second. I think some of the first made it to his mouth...
He liked the picture-taking.
He kept pointing at the berries.

A gap-a-grin, just like his Mama. That's all he gets from me, other than his brown eyes. The rest is all Josh.
I feel for you all, I really do. I have more recent pictures of us sitting in our house...walking outside...sleeping, reading, napping...
I really just don't do that much at home. I didn't do that much at the beach, but the scenery was different. So, knowing that there is little of interest here, I will still post the pictures I took of Seabridge last week.
Well, why does one post pictures? I love Seabridge, and I have little to say. Bowden wore his pajama shirt all day.
What? A secret passage? Where does it lead?
A magical neighborhood! Who lives here?
Ahhh! Red Deer and gnomish fellows!
Finally to the fitness walk. We need more fitness around this house, let me tell you.
Bowden gets into it.
Lucy joins in.

The Seabridge houses.
A seal head in the harbor.
More fitness.
Walking toward the new shopping area.
Cormorants and Seagulls on the unoccupied docks.

My new apartment? Just kidding.
The Seabridge.
More apartments on the water.

Oh, boat play area, you served us …