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On October 2013, we arrived at our new home in Lulu, FL.  We were warmly welcomed by the resident mosquitoes, as you can see from poor Jack's dirty face and swollen eye.
 We were also warmly welcomed by our new church family...Lulu is a small town of 272 (before us) people, two churches, one building that used to be a general store, and is now empty, and a lot of pine trees.  It's described online as being a ghost town, but I don't even think enough ghosts live here to call it a ghost town.  I hear ghost town and think deserted houses and buildings, but the humidity and sheer determination of the greenery of Florida tear down anything not kept up with amazing speed.  In the year and a half that we have lived here, I've seen different buildings collapse and fall and become a wildness of growth.  It's impressive.
 I had some boxes to put away.  We moved to a house less than half the size of our old house- we were spoiled by space- and finding a place for everything …