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Showing posts from September, 2006
Spent a good hour at the Triple-A office registering my good old Ford Mustang...I had the kids with me, which was dicey, at best, and I took pictures of our high and low points...High Point- the Travel to Hawaii exhibit lent Lucy and Bowden some lovely leis, and entertained them happily for five minutes.Low Point- the Travel to Hawaii exhibit proved fragile, and extremely tempting to Bowden, who had multiple time-outs for touching the palm trees streamers.
Sure, she looks pretty sweet here. But come over to my house for a visit, and it becomes a tragedy for your personal space. Case in point, Kaitlin Barr.
Never assume that you're safe in the Tate House.
I love a clean baby.

After her bathtime was over, Lucy and I went and sat with Bowden as he enjoyed the sudsiest bath he's ever taken. Lucy entertained herself with the toothbrushes, enough to make Bowden want them.

The orangish color on the wall is bathroom "paint" which I did not ration during this bath, at all.

Bowden seems very pleased to help wash the paint off his face...
Today, my children ran away and were replaced by a dog and a cat. The cat just curled up in a nice, warm patch of sunshine, while the puppy panted and drooled a lot. They both liked watching, "The Wonderpets."
After church today...well, yesterday, we went out to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen and I got my very favorite dish, the sundried tomato-baby broccoli fusilli. Yum!
The kids were pretty good, and Justin and Rosie, too.
After lunch, we went to....the mall. Here are some pictures of us playing outside the mall, just to switch it up.
The candles I ordered for Rosie's reception came, and when I arrived at my mother's house, they were in the guestroom I use when I come to visit. The kids decided that the little green styrofoam popcorns were too cunning to resist, and promptly began to sprinkle and crumble them all about.
I spent a good hour emptying the boxes of their load and dumping out the popcorn into garbage bags, but I kept the kidlings occupied with the best empty cardboard box.
Bowden kept trapping Lucy in-between two boxes and calling it her cage, and he got upset when I tried to move them to the backyard. Apparently it takes very little time for a small human being to feel ownership over a cardboard box. Just so you know.
Another birthday party- this one for a young Hannah Morgan, who got a "farkly" purple purse filled with fake cosmetics, and a broom.
Bowden coveted the broom.
It was held at the super-old-school playground at Tahquitz Pines that is neither up-to-code, nor well-kept. Notice how completely Bowden's head fits through the bars of the way-too-high play equipment? It comes complete with a super-steep slide and an equally steep, yet more slippery, ladder.
It does have a bunch of perfectly sized and situated baby swings...
The party was nice and short. Bowden's favorite part was the lollipops in the cupcakes, of course. Some of the other mothers were trying to push a lollipop on Lucy, saying that babies eating lollys are, "so cute!"
(Just say no. I did.)
The day started with some photo album perusing.
We ate breakfast. Lucy had yogurt.
Then we picked up some Subway, and ate at the park. Bowden had chocolate milk.
My camera died, and I had no batteries, so that's the day, ending at 2pm.
We woke up early this morning...6:50am...with Josh already in the kitchen, working. Lucy was especially cuddly, and eager to eat. When I told her we were going down to the dining hall, she tried to put her shoes on all by herself.
Bowden was being gentle and kind to his babies. His future wife is going to be so glad.
Last Wednesday, Bowden started Cubbies at our church Awana! He knows his verse for this week, which is "...God is truthful." John 3:33. He also colored a paper that said, "All have sinned" and apparently did not want to leave his Cubbies vest on...I guess that's pretty important, huh? It was his first time in the "big kids" room....I'm feeling a little melancholy.
Mostly, I am excited that Bowden gets to dive into a kind of Bible study. Hip, Hip....Holler!
Happy Day involved a trip to Temecula- we ate at...a restaurant with chachkies on the wall and a mostly hamburger meal, and a very delicious onion ring tower. The kids loved the "cheesey mac and cheesey"...I remember the name of the food, but not the resaturant, hmmm...
Anyway, Bowden was pleased with his ability to put the wrong end of the spoon in his mouth, and let me take a picture. Lucy was a ham, like always.
We ate some delicious foods as well. I am having a hard time eating vegetarian, mostly because of Lisa's green enchiladas. I tried to only do fish, but that's faking it anyway.
Oh, well.