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Lucy started playing soccer this year, and she does it up Lucy-style. Which translates- in a dress.
Lance Fogle is her coach- an excellent coach- and she seems to enjoy it.

Here she is with her new ball, ready to play!

Bowden came down last week because, he said, he was scared. Miles fell asleep in my arms, and I laid him in the Moses Basket.

Bowden quickly fell asleep on the chair, to the comforting sounds of nighttime football.

My oldest and youngest. I couldn't stop looking at the babe that looks so much like his older brother, and the boy that babe may soon look like, too soon.
What's that baby doing?

That's right. Miles started reaching for things this week!
11 weeks already! I took some pictures last he is just awake and ready to eat. Jack, too was photographed at this age...a little compare and contrast for you

Then he ate, and was happy for a bit before sleeping.

Today I was noticing that Miles was upset in his seat, attempting to kick, but hampered by the little bib that came with the seat...I took it off, and it made sense that it had been bothering him...

His little feet are poking off the edge! Already! He's certainly not as fat as Bowden was, but he seems much longer.

What can I say? He's a sweet baby, and nice to hold, and quite the chunk, and we love him.

This little guy hit the ten week mark on Tuesday. Tuesday was also the day I started to coach soccer, but I managed to get a picture of him at the field while Lucy was practicing, before we started practicing with Bowden's team. He liked to watch the action.
I dressed him appropriately, I think!

Sweet as a bee's knee, this boy is.
We had a fabulous after-party at the Rini's house with aunts and uncles and cousins galore. Jack got chilly, so his Nanny offered him a shirt.

The next day we came over as well. I like how Nanny is so empathetic with poor Miles.
If you don't know me well, you may not know that I am Italian. If you know me at all, you know it, and you know how proud I am of it. We celebrated our family's 100th year in America in Simi Valley with a grip of our extended family- I took the four chickens down to my mom's house to join the festivities, and it was well worth it. My Umpa, the handsome man above, is part of the first generation of Fusanos in the U.S. (Fusano is my mother's maiden name. Just so you know, my mother was the only member of her family to not have an Italian last name- her other two sisters married Italians as well. Paulson is Danish.)
My mom brought a HUGE watermelon from her became the appetizer to a smorgasbord of deliciousness. I'm going to post some food pictures on dwell in sunshine, just for posterity.
My first cousin-once-removed, Victoria.

Some other cousin painted the kid's faces...Lucy showed me hers, then I asked her to smile.
" Is this how you smiled for…