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Some out of order and unedited pictures of the Fusano Christmas Eve-Eve gathering. I'll organize and notate later.

We got to my mom's house on Saturday and went to the Vineyard's Christmas-Eve-Eve-Eve Service. It was a little too much performance and too little caroling, but it was nice. Bowden was anxious to light his candle, but he fell asleep waiting for it.
Lucy stayed awake the whole time, and was conscious for the candle-lighting.
She didn't really like my mom holding her hand the whole time.
We woke Bowden up for it, but he didn't really stay awake.
Jack is at the grabby stage, so the candle holding for Josh was short lived as well.
Why have I not posted in so long? This little man was sick- throwing-up-constantly sick.
Here he is, in the midst of it, still entertained by Momma with a camera. I'll catch up, sometime.
Bowden's last days of pre-school before the Christmas break were filled with Christmastime activities. We went caroling, although, at one neighbours house I waited outside with the stroller. We walked into town and down to the Idyllwild Inn. The kids sang for Mr. white, our good friend.
When "Jingle Bells" was sung, they all got little bells.

Josh White enjoyed it, apparently
Santa came to preschool during the Christmas party, and I took the opportunity to embarrass myself. Aaah...
Thirty things I love about Josh Tate
(in no particular order)

1. I love the way his nose looks. I like the way it makes an arrow when he flares it. It points down like his disapproval. I like the way it looks with a smudge of dirt on it.
2. I love his questions. Like, "If all the creatures in the sea jumped all at once in perfect sync, would the water level drop noticeably?"
3. I love the way he smells. Like Old Spice.
4. I love that he likes how I look in sweatshirts and baseball caps, because...
5. He is easy to please.
6. I love how often he does dishes.
7. I love that he loves my cooking.
8. He has the greatest sense of humor.
9. My sister likes him. My mom likes him. I think everyone in my family loves him.
10. He tells amazing stories.
11. He is very creative.
12. I love his rhymes.
13. I love that he introduced me to the Widjiwats.
14. He tells me when I'm mean.
15. He tells me when I'm being too hard on myself.
16. Since our first days together, he has always told me …
Bowden looked like this for Zach's party. Zach is Bowden's "best bud." I don't like that term, for some reason, but it could be because I am a little worried that Zachy is a bad influence on Bowden. My sister gave me the good advice that I need to teach the two of them to be around each other...
Jack looked like this.
Lucy took Stuart Little for a ride.
The two chickens also rode on a roller coaster.
Oh, Chuck E. How I love thee.
We went to Zachy Gray's party at the Chuck E. Cheese in Hemet- first I dressed Lucy up in party gear.

Then I took copious amounts of pictures to remember how cute she looked. It lasted for about ten minutes, then she pulled her hair out and I put it up less neatly. That was December 19th, I believe.