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Bowden's Tenth Birthday...Party

I am pretty certain that everyone that reads these posts know that Bowden's birthday is on June 10th. June 10th is the day after we came home from Chico, and the day before we left for camping with just our nation of six- have you seen Josh's post about it yet? It's Bummer-Free, of course.
I told Bowden that we need to postpone his birthday party, so yesterday was the day.  We had a few of his friends over for a hot-dog-roasting, 'smores-making, stick-fighting, movie-watching, dirt-covered slumber party.  It was pretty perfect for a ten-year old and his friends.
The end of the watermelon eating contest.

This guy is hazy from the smoke.  Possibly just the smoke from what had been a marshmallow on his stick.
My 'smore, made during the stick fight.
Josh G. and Tobey put out the fire.  We live in a dry, dry forest.
My late night picture of the boys on the basketball court.  They were asleep by 10:30pm- that's pretty good, I think.  Lilah slept in Lucy's room,…

You should enjoy every moment now.

You know that blog post that's circling Facebook?  That one about the father who hates it when people tell him to, "enjoy every moment now!  They grow up so fast!"  If you haven't seen it- how could you not, but just in case- here's a link.

And I'll say this first.  I don't hate Steve Wiens.  I think that he's probably a pretty nice guy, and a good pastor.  But I HATE this article.  I mean, really hate it.  I react viscerally to it, and I just can't talk about it with Josh anymore because I think it makes him feel bad.

I actually agree with a lot of his points- don't strive towards perfection- strive towards being, "a better version of the person you actually are."   Don't beat yourself up over your parenting mistakes- turn them over to God and admit your faults.

I just hate this idea that your children are a burden.  I hate thinking of children as though they are things to be endured rather than gifts from a Loving Father.  I ha…