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I had the briefest of all brief visits with my family in the Valley a week or so ago. Josh, unable to write a paper without resources, had to make a trip down to Azusa Pacific...I packed up the kids, and drove the extra thirty minutes to my mother's house. She had seen my Uncle Tony, Aunt Marlene, cousin Andy and his daughter Leyla walking up toward my Grandparent's house on the corner, so we went right up.
My cousin Dave was also there, so it was a very nice reunion. My Umpa suggested that we go look at the goats, so we walked the three blocks to my Aunt Angie's house. The goats were pretty skittish- Andy's attempt to, "grab the little one, " did not help them feel more comfortable. The chickens still enjoyed watching them. Jack, especially, is a big fan of the, "dotes."
What a pleasure it is to live so close to my family! The only problem, as I see it, with our life in California is the distance my very loved Tate family.

Nanny and Jack had &…
I love Spring. I love that the first day of Spring here feels like Spring this year in Idyllwild. We spent a lot of the day outside. Bowden is getting ready to go the volleyball court with his bike.

Lucy on the trike.

Bowden and bike. He told me that he really likes his helmet. "Doesn't it match my bike?"

Lucy ran about.

Riding was not as fast.

She raced Bowden, and won, every time.

Bowden still claimed that his bike was faster. He is a conservative rider.

Jack played with balls, and Mama soaked up the sun.
We spent this warm day outside.

And wore flowers in our hair.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We talked to the kids this morning about St. Patrick- and how this holiday is really about loving our enemies...and wearing green and leprechauns and ...

Bowden had his Trinity Leaf on.

I made green and orange rolls.
Lucy posed- see the socks?
Jack, too, stood and made like Madonna.
At the coffee shop, some little green guys had come by. They were especially attentive to the tip jar and the pastry case...

I think I may start celebrating St. Patrick's Day with new vigor...although I am still traumatized from my experience as a Brownie (Girl Scouts) when we ate green everything. It was pretty gross.
Driving to the Valley last week, I thought the view was lovely...but the camera didn't do it justice. The children certainly weren't riveted. Bowden is in the back, if you're wondering.
Rosie called me last week and said that she would be coming for the weekend...Selah missed her Nanny, and Rosie thought that we should go to the zoo. I love the zoo, in case you didn't realize, so we made our way down the mountain and over to my Mom's house. We had a nice breakfast with a group of our family, and convinced Aunt Marlene to bring Leyla along.
Now, Lucy, Leyla and Selah do not separate themselves in my mind enough- every little girl was one of these names at some point in the day.
I tend to go through zoos faster than the average mother, apparently, because all three ladies (my mom, Rosie, and Aunt Marlene) commented on my pace, but it was still nice to be with everyone.
We saw a lovely alligator right off, and then visited a closed children's zoo with creepy-crawlies...then made our way to the sea-lions.

The kids had a good view of the sea-lions swimming.

Aunt Marlene, Rosie and Selah, and Jack and Nanny, looking at...tortoises?

Monitor Lizard!

We stopped for lunch…