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After we got home, the kids wanted to be with Daddy, and played on the temporarily green field for a while.

Bowden didn't have a shirt on while we drove home. The snow in April was a bummer, but the 20 degrees of hot we lose going up the mountain makes up for it.

More reunion pictures.... Waking up in the tent.
Nanny was still sleepy.
They liked the blow-up mattress. Lucy on the tiny, little strip of sand.
Playing in the lake.
He liked the life-vest.
Cousin Giana.
Bowden, seeming farther out than he was.

Cousin shots.
Nanny and Lucy.

More cousins.

More Nanny and Lucy...
Cousin Angelina.
Happy Nanny and Lucy.
My mother, grandma, and cousin Mark Menard.

Angelique and Marcia...

and again.
Umpa nd my mom.
Angie taking Lucy for a swim.
Lucy loved Ange- and kicked it up for her.

Nanny and the chickens.

Lucy wanted to snuggle after getting very, very wet. I was hot, hence the hat in the shade.

Lucy found the rest of the goldfish once we were packing up to go...
We ended up joining my mother at the Menard Family reunion...we arrived yesterday and had a very nice time visiting with family and playing in the lake. I was very nervous about how the night would go in a tent with a cranky couple of kids, but it was fine, and they both slept well all night- albeit as close to me as possible.

Lucy and her cousin Leyla loved the dirt clods.

The lake was an exciting new experience, and I basically held Lucy's hand the whole time...

Dinner was very, very late, and I had the acid reflux all night from the steak, lamb, hamburgers, and salzeets. My cousin Tony and I sampled some sausages while we were waiting for the other food.

My cousins Andy and Tony- as close to brothers as I can get. They're pretty swell.

We were almost to the campsite- Buena Vista Recreation Park for the Menard family reunion- and I went in to grab some drinks while the car filled with gas. Apparently my children were having a grand time yelling, "I won!" so my mother took some pictures.

Yes, we did go to McDonald's for hot fdge sundaes for my mom's birthday. It was her idea.

Bowden made a new friend. His friend asked my mother, as he saw Bowden eating a sundae, "Does he get everything he wants?"
(Only when Grandma is around.)