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Homeschooling is full of lessons- for me. I have realized, over the course of this journey, that I am in no way a CRAFTY PERSON. It actually is a cause for sadness for myself and sometimes my children. My heart broke when Bowden and Lucy came to me and asked, "Are we going to do crafts for Christmas? Like at school? We always do Christmas crafts at school!"
Oh. Right. I mean, I make masks and stuff from paper bags and paper plates, but that only goes so far. I had them make a list of crafts that we could do, and we did them, but I hated it. It makes me grumpy doing the crafts, cleaning up after the crafts, and eventually growing sick of the crafts and throwing them away.
What I love to do- science projects. They're just as messy. They take just as much prep. I don't know why I love them, but I do. We do at least one science project a week, apart from our nature study.
Last week was the ever simple cornstarch in water- one cup corn starch to one half cup w…
Lucy lost a tooth in January.

And then it's partner was kneed out while I was in Chico on the Super Bed.

My kids (all but Jack) already lisp. Now it's just over the top. And adorable.
One of the items on my to-do list for Chico was to take a picture of my family. Why? I tend to get a little morbid when I leave my nest for too long. I just needed something to look at when I was missing them.Jack put a serious face on.
My girl, Lucy.
Bowden likes what I'm saying.
So did Miles. I'm awesome!
And here's the hero of the week! I kept telling myself how good the week would be for the kids, left with the best father they could have. And how good it would be for their dad, to have his time with them. And it was. I came home to kids that missed me, but weren't clingy or crying. What a blessing my husband is!
This is one of the best things I've ever been present for. And entirely wonderful, joyful time. I'm so glad that Rosie wanted me there. I wish I had a better picture of my new niece, Galilee Light's face, but it wasn't really a time for pictures. It was more for basking in the glow of this family's growth and love.
I gave Isai a bath. I just posted these because I adore him and his face.
I just love spending time with these people. Rosie took my out to eat- Thai and Indian, and all kinds of wonderful goodly foods. I really love Chico. Parts of Chico, especially. The parts of Chico that hold my people most of all.
I was able to enjoy Selah so much easier without my kids- she'd climb into bed with me in the morning and just talk and talk...we'd get up and play a game, and then I would have to beg some time from her to really wake up. We did art projects, and just played- she ran errands with me...all together it was wonderful.
Isai is a sweet guy- pretty mellow and independent.
I love being an aunt.
You may not know this, because I keep this poor blog so badly updated, but I went to Chico. To visit my sister! And her chickens! Without my chickens!I was nervous about leaving mine babies for so long, but I was going to help my sister while she was getting ready to have a baby, and I needed more hands and freedom than I could get taking them. I missed them every minute- except the early hour minutes that I slept through without them- but I think that I was a help to my sister, and I loved being able to dote, attention undivided, on my niece and nephew.
I call my nephew many names, as is the tradition of my family. He is Isai, but I call him See-Sigh, and Seaside, and Easy. And Si-si. He's just a doll.
And Selah is Sailor. Or Say-say. It's all very confusing, and if sometimes they don't answer me, is it really their fault? How can they know who I mean when they have so many names? They were glad to see me- the kids, but Rosie, too, and I was glad to see them. I…
Here is a post about a child eating pasta.

Some people are messy. Especially 2 and a half year old people. Nobody else had a garden of angel hair pasta thriving around their bowl.
What? This happened MONTHS ago? But it feels like yesterday! Look! Jack and Miles are all decked out for Christmas Eve with the family! Didn't that JUST happen?