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Brother Job texted his sweetheart, although we didn't know it was his sweetheart taking him away from us.


The Sauce said…
Taking him away!! that we've gone public--trading on the DOW and what not-- I'm compelled to defend him, but we both know Job's not exactly bereft of the ability to defend himself--nor does he argue, tease, instigate or compete-....but I'm sidetracked now by how cute the photo is and haven't a clue what I'd intended to say in his defense. Miss sarah 'personally i like her' tate :), I resent the way you elect to make me the primary villain, when in fact I was more a silent, oft unwitting participant... I attended a lot of family functions and sleepy drives post-Olympic or hotel to get out to the lakehouse, courtesy of various electronic mediums. I was on a two week field trip in the back pocket of those jeans. Sigh. This is why we didn't go public long ago. Anyway :), I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS from the trip, Sarah. Your friend/virtual part of the family other Lisa did a phenomenal job with the family photos outside the church!!! I like seeing the outtakes even moreso than the polished product.
sarah said…
Hahahahaha! I know that it was just Jobie's besottedness that kept him away, but I can't say that RIGHT OUT.
Except that I just did.
lisa d said…
hmmm..."other lisa". i knew that was coming!

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