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We came down to the valley late Wednesday night, went right to bed, and then went to the zoo yesterday. Our first encounter was with the baby komodo dragons, which seemed anxious to escape. One of us was a little afraid that they might.
My five favorite people, in no important order. Milosch-mi. Aged 18 months.

Bowden-bows, ready to play basketball, aged 7 years.

Lucy Goose, showing her happiness at receiving a Valentine's Day card from Nanny. Aged five years.

Jackerwhack, intent on finishing his beans and steak. Aged three years.

Joshy, aged 33 years. You can expect the singing at any Tate dinner. It's not planned. It's organic, even if the food isn't.
"Miles, let's go do the laundry. Do you want to help me?"
(This is what happened when I went to answer the phone before loading the wet laundry into the dryer.)

(This is a good way to make sure you didn't leave anything in the dryer...he came out all toasty warm, too!)
We just had to, you see. Lucy felt a little kookie doing this, I think that you can tell. I was definitely a darker child, but maybe the Italian has just gone underground for the winter.

She's much prettier than I was, but I won't tell her that.