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Selah Paix and her mother and father came up to our house for a night and a day, which was wonderful. It was nice to leave them with the knowledge that I might see them in just a few days. We took all the kids down to the pool. Selah went incognito in Jack's swim diaper and hat.
Jack lounged on the grounded float.
Bowden showed Selah the joys of the megaphone.

Lucy also did some yelling, not that she needs any help being louder.
Selah's momma took her for a walk into the deeper parts.
Just before it was time to go, the kids all played on the swing set outside. I tried to talk my sister and brother into staying, but they had to go.
I tried to get the kidlings to pose together, but Jack wouldn't get out of the swing...
...and Selah was cranky. "Smile!" I said, but she would not.
Lucy was ready to, though.
At least, she was ready to strike a pose. No more Elle magazine for this child.
Finally, I got a grin from the Sai-Paix.
Bowden wanted to take a picture with his …
Bowden had his last tee-ball game in May, and did very well. He hit both balls off of pitches, and was a good sport the whole game. He listened to his coaches, and encouraged his teammates. He put the batting helmet over his face.
He ran home.

It was hot out, so we moved behind the backboard to soak up what shade we could. I brought a back full of dinosaurs and trucks to occupy Jack.

He shared...

...but he wasn't sure he liked it.


Run, Bowden, run!

He did!

Jack checked out the action by the bleachers

Lucy watched the game, peep-style.

What was Bowden doing?

At the end of the game, Bowden was awarded the Player of the Game medal, and given a two dollar gift certificate to the Candy Cupboard. He was pretty glad, I guess.

The Dodgers!

Idyllwild Town Hall had an award ceremony for the kids after the games. Every team won first place, since there were no outs. It was pretty awesome.

Bowden really enjoyed tee-ball. Much more than soccer, at least this year.

Go, Dodgers! Go, Bowden!
About every two years or so, Keith drains the pool and repaints it. This year the filter pump cover had to be redone to match federal safety standards. Whatever the reason, we gain happy access to the biggest wading pool one could desire. We unpacked our summer floaties, and made good use of the warm days and shallow water.

I set the towels up in the pool, and tried to read a little...the only negative thing is how WHITE the walls of the pool are. I developed a severe migraine the second day because of that and an overload of hormones. I wore Bowden's sunglasses for the rest of our trips.
Lucy took a turn on the raft.
How tall is Bowden?
All the floaties...all the floaties in the world!
Jack liked his shark suit.
It's a pretty nice view from down in the pool.
On Monday we were due to leave, but we decided to go and get coffee and visit the park before we left. We all forgot about it being Memorial day, and the park was packed. We enjoyed our lattes and frappachinos while the chickens- sans a napping Selah- played on the pirate playground.

Lucy and Bowden loved the spinner, as did the boy who had a hard time backing away when it wasn't his turn.

Poor Bowden was up in the ship when he tripped and slammed his face into a metal pole. He came down, crying hard, and wanted his Daddy...we walked around the park briefly, and then I comforted him and the other two with an ice cream...just like I used to get from the Ice Cream Truck. I forgot that they have bubblegum for eyes, and so Jack got his first taste of gum. The kids got filthy.

There is something about a very messy child that I love. So I take and post copious amounts of pictures.

If you look closely, you can see the beginnings of Bowden's black eye.

Bowden finished his treat in the ca…