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Lucy, the goose, posed like a ballerina for me...we were on our way to see if there was water in the creek, and I had just cut her bangs.

The kids say that they're bored. Mostly Bowden, and it drives me crazy, but I feel for him...I haven't been taking walks because of my ankle, and I am just tired. I thought that a walk to the stream would make him happy, but he and Lucy were still complaining, which turned me into one cranky mother.

Jack about to climb the stairs.
We found some water, although we were chomped by mosquitoes and I warned the kids to look out for the piss ants near the water.
They seriously Looked Out.

Lucy enjoyed the canopy.
Bowden told me about the water bugs around.
Jack, not knowing that HE is supposed to be the most cranky, was actually the happiest and best behaved. "Wawa!"

We left sooner than later because of the amount of bugs eager for Tate flesh, but it would have been a nice diversion, if the kids had been happier. Ah, well.
Josh had the opportunity to preach at the Idyllwild Bible Church on Father's Day, and during the portion when he singled out different fathers for different "achievements," he had Bowden and Lucy help him had out neckties. They were looking forward to it all week, and performed their duties with great excitement and diligence.
The sermon was excellent, I thought (as unbiased as I am.) It's available as a podcast, if you know how to do that kind of thing.
Today we dropped the cats- recently renamed Lursa and Bator- off at the Ramona Animal Shelter to be adopted. Lursa, the black and white cat also known as Claudius, was having some bladder control issues...three a day, on the futon, and on my blanket, and on the rug by the door, and on our dirty laundry...Josh had said that if they did it one more time, we would have to get rid of them...but I am still sad. I think that she did it because she is not spayed, but with my due date so close, we don't really have time to get them fixed, then see if the problem clears up. There's no way I want to clean up cat accidents, kid accidents, and baby purposefuls on a newborn sleep schedule. Bator, the pretty but dumb one. She also is the one that will sit near you, and not harass you...
Claudius, aka Lursa, the culprit who was way smarter than her sister, but not so pretty.

The boys outside of the animal shelter.

Saying good-bye.

They really weren't that sad. I cried so much I coul…
We made our last trip to the desert fun for the chickens and not as much for us and ate at McDonalds. I even let them get ice cream, which somehow managed to be free little cones, a great deal. I thought that they looked able to adore eating them, and a mother's pride took more shots than I needed.

Bowden kept making weird faces, but I still liked the pictures. I know, posts with something in them are nice...but sometimes you get posts with nothing. Deal with it.
The bear rug came in a friendly -sized box, perfect for little people to get into. Bowden really went crazy and rode it down the stairs, fell in it on purpose, and a number of other activities that happened once before I vetoed them. It wasn't until we were downstairs and fully awake that I pulled out the camera to capture some of the fun. The box was Jack-sized.

She loved it.

Until it started to tip. Don't worry, I caught it.
We have our summer staff in, and Bowden's first week of summer vacation is over. This little man is done with kindergarten, with a very nice report card home to keep.

Lucy can't wait to be in Mrs. Adler's class...but not for another year.
Josh and I have been married for eight years now...and what do we have to show for it? This one...
...and this one...
...and this one...
...and one soon to come!

Oh, big and swollen belly, how round you are! It looks a bit gross here, but what can I do? Bowden took this for me, and Jack wanted a picture of his too, so...
...Jack tried to show his...but his onesie got in the way. Jack showing his onesied-belly made Lucy want to, so...

...Lucy showed hers next. Which in turn made the Bowb-ster... his belly, too.

Then they all showed how much they love their new brother.