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Rosie came to visit the week that Bowden and Lucy had off from school. It was much nicer to have a constant companion while all of the kids were home, and I loved it. We did some of our favorite eating at Cafe Aroma. We sat up on the table at the table on the top porch, which was perfect with all of the kids. It was a nice, warm week, too, so the chickens ate up the time outside in the warm sun like it was feed.

Selah was quite taken with this leaf.
Jack, despite having all of his teeth, is a drooler. I am aware that this may disgust some readers, but we still love him.
Selah shows her leaf to the world.

Rosie and Lisa manned the table.

Lisa and Isai got along famously. All babies love Lisa.
I wish Rosie was still here.
This is Lucy being kind of a pisser at the coffee shop on Thursday. She wanted a bagel, but I told her to wait.
Once she got some chow, she was happy again. My life is shaken by such whims, whether I like it or not.
Really, I was just trying to get a picture of her topknot.
Bowden and Lucy posed together, just because Lucy thinks that she looks a lot like her older brother now that her hair is short.

Her green eyes stand out a lot more now. Cute little girl that she is, she can pull this haircut off, I think. And Bowden, he's just a dumpling.
I had Lucy hide behind the couch before Bowden came home, just to catch a good picture of his face.

That's right.
The story goes like this.
I went upstairs to take a shower. Rosie and her kids had just left, and Josh was holding the baby. It had been an awesome week with Rose, but an exceptionally crappy day in which we drove all the way down to Palm Springs only to find that the kids insurance had assigned Miles to a different doctor, without my knowledge.
I got in the shower, leaving Jack and Lucy to play in the downstairs guest room with the blanket from Rosie's stripped bed over the card table like a fort. I thought that it was a brilliant idea. Everybody would be occupied. I even turned on music loud enough to drown out crying, yelling, shouting, and screaming, so that I could really enjoy my shower- remember, Josh was downstairs!
I got out, got dressed, and turned to one of my favorite songs, and just sat there for 3 to 6 minutes.
I came downstairs, went into the guest room....looked at the scattered curls across the table and bed, and yelled, "Lucy!!! What have you done?!?!"…
Here's the preliminary post. Holy cow.

All those curls...I think that they're gone forever. (Lucy looked at this and said, "I look like Bowden!)
My mom is visiting, and I think that I may have yet another visitor'll see.... It was a lovely day, and we took a lovely walk around our lovely town, teeming with tourists...which I think is lovely.

Nanny got us all drinks from the coffee shop!

The pictures did not really work out.
Lucy had to show me a ballerina move. It is vital that you see it as well.
It's basketball time! Bowden started playing Town Hall Basketball a couple weeks ago, and so far, he really likes it.
He's not great at dribbling.

He's great at running.
Jack wants to be a baller, too.

Miles was born with a mohawk, and as he's grown, the mohawk has as well. The rest of his hair fell out and grew back in, but the mohawk would not give in. Usually, a day or so after his bath, or after he wears a hat, it becomes a little man comb-over. I keep saying that I'm going to cut it, but I haven't been prepared with camera and tape. Tonight was the night.
The before pictures.

And after...

Handsome guy, right? I just noticed that little, too-long strand in the front. Ah, well. (Remember when Jack got his hair cut for the first time?)