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The new building at camp is coming along beautifully. We took a little tour. This vehincle goes up to sixty feet in the air! With the chickens roosting one it, it stayed put.

My littluns.
Miles has a long tongue. we didn't notice until yesterday, when he stuck it out all day long. It's not just long- it curls at the end. It's a little gross, but very funny. I tried to get a picture of him sitting up, but every time he see a camera, now, he tries to get it. He chased me across the floor.

I finally let him get the cord of the camera, which made him stick out his tongue in joy. His satisfaction knew no bounds, if his tongue is any indicator.
There are two ways to look at it.

Sometimes, when I have just yelled at the kids, or talked to them as unsweetly as I probably could, I look at them and think of how sorry I am that I am their mother...that they should have a kinder, more gentler momma.

Other times, even when I am hurrying them and doing more correcting than enjoying, I think how blessed I have been with all of these unique and delightful people, to be theirs and have them be mine, and I pray to make better use of these fleet and flying days.
Rosie and I attempted to immortalize our time at the creek. It was such a nice day, although it was cold and the water was colder. I'm posting them all in order so that you can see how we posed and reposed, with the kids up and down.
Rosie just took this one.
Rosie set the timer for the rest, and Bowden was excited about that. Lucy wasn't sure.

Poor Rosie did all of the running back and forth. I just held the babies.
I'll take a break from my posting about my visit with my sister to show you this picture of Lucy's hair, in pigtails. She was much happier to pose for me this time, you can tell.
Isai is a cute boy. And sweet. And wonderful. He seems a little overproud of those piggies, though.

I just want to kiss him up. What a hunk.
This is a sweet girl.
My niece-ling, Selah Paix. How I love her!
While Rosie was out, we made two trips to Hurkey Creek. The first one was spur of the moment, unplanned, and poorly executed. Our second trip was prepared, but chillier. Basically, our children were wading around in snow-water for a couple minutes and then rushing back to our blanket and their big beach towels for ten more minutes.
I was only going to post one of these, but instead I had to post four. I'll explain why. I like Rosie laughing.
Selah just looks sweet here.
I like how Rosie is looking at sweet Selah in this one.
And I love how Selah has her boot out in this one. They're in the wrong order, but it doesn't matter. I wish these guys were back- only a month before we're in Oxnard together!