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Showing posts from September, 2007
Please pray for my Great-Aunt Dorothy's family- her grandson, my second cousin, Greg, was killed in a motorcycle accident two nights ago. He was in his early twenties.
We went on a trip to the L.A. County Fair yesterday. It was a little, hmmm, corny. Bowden was crazy running from one exhibit to the next, and he was able to try on a real firefighter's coat, which he was excited about.
It was pretty heavy, though.
Josh got a big hot dog, for all of us.
It was so delicious and juicy, we had to squint to get it in.
Lucy and Bowden rode the ponies. Josh tried to bet on them, but there was no clear winner...

There was a whole little train world we went in and toured. I liked the dinosaur crushing the little engine best.
It was very exciting, and begged to be touched, but we didn't.
Trying to pose...but distracted.

What?! Sixteen weeks old already! How time flies. (Today I think, "Thank goodness.")
Happy birthday to my father-in-law, who is 60 today!!
Happy Autumn!!!! Jack celebrated by posing with pumpkins- so cheesey, I know.
We took a trip on Monday to Oak Glen- a mountain town about an hour and a half away that is full of apple orchards and other fun fall activities.
The kids were very excited.

There was a petting zoo, and I did buy corn to feed the fat animals.

After the animals, we went apple picking.
Jack did not help.
Lucy did some eating first.

Bowden got right to it and climbed the trees, while the other boys looked in awe and wonder.
Lucy in the orchard.
"I can carry it. I twong!!!"
"I need help, Momma."
Sad about needing help, and getting her picture taken instead.