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Showing posts from March, 2007
We went down to Hemet to pick up Kaitlin this afternoon, and I talked Josh into making it a family trip, having a craving for pizza...
Against our better judgement, we got the Pizza Hut lunch buffet...I am opposed to all buffets, generally...Lucy liked it, though, and she ate FREE!
Bowden had some red sugar water...
And Josh drank from a sippy-cup.
I totally stole this picture from Lisa's blog...I love the difference in our bellies. I am a month behind Rosie, and on my third pregnancy, and she is on her first...Lucy does not mind either way. My belly is one of her favorite "comforters" and she will now tell you who is in Momma's belly- "Baby Dack."
Today was mostly warm, but only in the sun. I planted it up today, and the Chickens helped. Josh made me a lovely flower box, in which I planted a number of seeds that I doubt will make it to flower...
Bowden is an excellent waterer, and Lucy learned how to wipe her muddy hands on the grass and not Momma.

Oh! and Karaoke! My friend Michelle, who is expecting her fourth five days after Jack, came up from Orange County to have a girl's night out with her Idyllwild pals, and then be celebrated with a baby shower...her family is moving to Missouri in the next few days.
Michelle wanted to go to JoAnn's and sing a song, and I got roped in.
We decided on, "Like A Virgin."
There was another pregnant girl who had sung, "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette, and when the joke became obvious to half of the crowd, she ran up to join us...she was super-excited about singing. My mic was not on, or not very loud, so I enjoyed it.

Oh, I'm wearing make-up. So enjoy.
So I bet you wonder what I've been doing this week... Shopping with Lucy...
We ate at the White's, but I made the food. They were supposed to come over, but our septic had severe issues.
Lucy enjoyed their wood-stove.

And we ate at Burger King. Bowden wouldn't let me take his picture.
We all went to the beach. We stayed for the sunset.
Then we ate at Joe's Crab Shack. I let the children play in the display afterward, and this shot is just before Bowden says, "Look, Mommy!" and tries to swing from a bouy that is held up by some wire about the size and strength of a paperclip. It help him for maybe half a second, and then down he went, powered by gravity and 40 pounds too much for a paperclip. He's okay.
I think it scared him more than anything else.
This little jumping area was fun for all of my family, even the big one.

You remember these pictures from our trip to the Wild Animal Park? Some are on Josh's blog.

About three weeks ago- or maybe a month- Lucy got an ear infection that perforated her eardrum. It sounds bad, but apparently is not as uncommon as you'd think. She had a very unfortunate leaking, and some very hard earwax... we put her on oral and aural antibiotics, and it got better.
Two days ago, it started leaking again, which is a sign that it perforated again, and means that if she doesn't now have an infection, she could I called our Health Insurance, then drove madly down the mountain to get to the Urgent Care Center before they closed.
We waited for an hour and a half before we got in to the little room, and the children were very good.

Then they conked out on the drive home. Lucy now has some little eardrops that tickle her, so that if she's too tired they make her angry, and if she's just tired enough, they make her giggle. And that's a post.
We have had some beautiful Spring weather. Summer is my favorite season, but Spring is my second favorite. We don't suffer through the Winter like many of you back East, but we do have enough cold and snow to make the Spring even more appreciated- although, as the long-time resident of a nearly constant pleasant climate, Spring is always welcome, no matter how cold it gets in the Winter.

Once we got home, what did we do?

Played dress-up.