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I took the kids to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego last Saturday. I needed some sun and warmth, and it was Bowden's last few days of February vacation, so we loaded up and moved it out. We decided to go to the bird show first. I let Bowden take some pictures.

After the show he took the camera and asked the keeper if he could take a picture of the hawk up close (sans flash.) Bowden loves birds of prey.

Our next stop was the Tram through Africa. It may be a little long for the kids to sit, but they like the idea of it a lot.

Jack on the tram.

Cheetahs in the grass.

Our last visit, after we made a stop to my favorite exhibit, the Hidden Jungle, was to the petting kraal. I have no idea what these deer are, but they are placid.

Jack is still learning to be gentle, but he did well.

He was so happy.
I got fifty cents worth of food, and split it between the three. Jack and Bowden went through theirs quickly, but I found that when it was time to go, Lucy had been handing her share out a ker…
Umpa called to me and said, "I've got both of them." Lucy and Jack had both decided to climb onto his lap for some Umpa-time.
They all liked it. How nice it is to see my children loving the grandparents I love so much!
Josh and went on an awesome Valentine's lunch date thanks to my mother's presense at Camp. We got Chinese food. The awesome part?

The Pao Pao Plate. OOOhhhhhhh.
I love this apron. My lovely sister made it for me, for Christmas, and I must admit......I've been cooking more because I want to wear it.

My figure seems to be disappearing. Good thing I'm pregnant, or you'd know what all those extra cupcakes are doing to me!

I set the St. Valentine's Day table. I had collected a variety of things for the kids- some were left over from Christmas.




They were so excited about the gifts that they woke up at 6:o0am. Painful.

Josh bought me safety on the ice...

and flowers!!!

Jack loved his morning trail mix of baby puffs, yogurt raisins and dried apples.

Then he found the toys.

Orange juice was served with an umbrella.

Jack had trouble drinking with it in his glass, so he stuck it in his strawberries.


Umbrellas are the best part of Valentine's Day. You saw, of course, what my husband wrote for me on his blog, right? I am undeserving.
Friday, the thirteenth, was a rather schizophrenic day for us. After dropping Bowden off at his class, we made our way to the gym for a patriotic celebration. The kindergartners watched the other classes file in. Lucy strained for a better view.

Bowden's class walked to the front and lined up, obviously.

They sang a rousing rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy, which substituted "and with yourfriends be handy," for the original line.

First grade sang, too.

Then came second grade- and third?

When the assembly was over, I let Lucy and Jack run and give Bowden a hug.

It was more like a tackle.

I had an hour to kill before I went back to Bowden's class, so I asked Lucy if she wanted to see some Pirates, and we went over to the coffee-shop.

Pirates manned the espresso machine and milk steamer.

This man, below, read the paper and smoked a cigar in the snow. I don't know him, but for some reason wanted to not only take his picture, but also post him.

The Pirates- Katie and Chris …