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Showing posts from September, 2010
My camera doesn't flash any more, but I get some excellent outdoor pictures. Miles- yes, this is Mils, not Jack- with his favorite accessory.
Bowden is a cute kid.

Lucy doing homework outside. It's been beautiful up here.
Jack looks like this, really close up.
Lucy lost her first tooth!
There was no rushing this tooth. It came out in it's own time. It was so loose that it was disgusting.

Jack wanted in on the pictures, but just his back.

Lucy told everyone for about a week that she had a loose tooth. Now she goes around telling everyone that she lost a tooth. It's a good conversation starter!
Jack has an uncanny ability to get dirty. Really dirty.
Here he is at our family camping trip, owning both his messiness and his Italian-ness.
We had some good times in August. Not that you would know... We went to see Rosie in Chico. We visited Monterey. We went camping at the Ice House Resovoir. My favorite part was visitingmy Poppy and Aunt Carol in Santa Maria.

Always a little bittersweet, but always good.

Jack really took to Poppy. He was a big fan.