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Speaking of color...

This ice cream cone looks like it is made of play dough.  I think it tastes like vanilla.  This concoction is called 'Superman,' and Miles gets it every time.

Charlie played with colors last week

I put Charlie in some very silly outfits.  I like how he is so little that he doesn't really care what he wears, as long as it's cozy and comfy and warm enough.  I like that I can put him in lots of color, and now that I have four that dress themselves, and CARE about what they wear, I very much enjoy a colorful baby.  I took these pictures because Charlie loves the big legos, and because I love the colors of it all, and mostly, because I love Charlie's little man face, and the expressions he makes.
This piece he likes to wear.

Making a noise.

My Chars.  (Look at my excellent floor!  I  must have cleaned!)

Car riding and camera practice.

My Christmas present

I've been wanting a new camera for years, but the's hard to imagine spending as much as I wanted to spend on a camera that would belong to ME. I have a weird amount of weird reservations, but this year, after my mom left, we went down to Gainesville and bought a Nikon D5500 with two different lenses.  I felt like my occasions did not warrant this camera, but I have been playing around.  I wanted to go outside, but the day after we bought the camera, we came down with a mystery disease that just this Friday was officially diagnosed as RSV...we have been wiped out, but Charlie has been - at times- scarily sick.  These are my random pictures while I get used to my camera.  What was happening?  Nothing, really. 

Happy New Year!

Roller Skating! December 2013

When you don't have a sidewalk or driveway, you can just use your porch.

We call it a pond...(December 2013)

...but its just a puddle.

My Chickens, December 2013

Blessings are easier to count all piled on top of one another.

Pictures of things from December 2015

Below is a picture of an impressive task I learned in 2015- pomegranate interrogation.  You just beat that pomegranate until it spills its guts with a wooden spoon, just like a P.I. with questionable morals with a street-smart criminal.
These two pictures are of my main man, Joshy T.  We were enjoying a breakfast date at the Cracker Barrel...I think in Lake City.  It could also have been in Gainesville.
The pictures below are of the lights in Lake City near Town Hall.  The kids are playing with a little boy from our church, Kayne.