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We went to a wonderful store, Gelson's Market, and picked up some very special cookies. Jack picked out a dinosaur cookie.

He said, "I'll it it's head first!" and put the head in his mouth. Then he took it out again.
"I'll eat HERE."

But then he still couldn't do it. "I'll eat it HERE."

"No. I'll just lick it."

Even that was too much for the integrity of the cookie. So he made it walk along his lap, and the cookie made appropriate dinosaur noises. Then we had to pretend it was a T-Rex, "Okay?"


I think he did bite it at some point, but mostly he licked and sucked on it, between playing with it.
I took this one.
A nice French lady- or Canadian- took this for me, and I used my limited french to say thank you.

The zoo!!!!!! That's it for the orange and yellow. Hope you enjoyed them!!
The Los Angeles Zoo has a really wonderful playground in the most ideal can walk halfway through the zoo, take a break to play, and then move on through the rest of the place happily.
Lucy asked me to take a picture of her sliding down the slide.

The boys asked me to take one of them on the crocodile, but Jack had to stop and tell Bowden to move down.

Bowden happily did. It was bizarrely peaceful. Roles were reversed. Planets were misaligned. I got a nice picture, though.

Climbing the hippo!
Miles and his mouth. Open.
Bowden and his mouth. Also open.

Jack and a closed mouth.

Lucy and her open mouth. Lunch was good...I bought pizza lunchables for lunch and only got drinks for the chickens. I ate a salad. I'm trying to be a smaller person. (The girl scout cookies in the freezer ruined it for me tonight, however, and the s'mores yesterday.) But....that's not about the zoo. Ah, well.
Taking a rest and wondering why Momma keeps taking pictures. What is wrong with her?
The Los Angeles Zoo has a children's area that is so outshone by the San Diego Zoo's children's area that I almost regret not renewing our tickets there...but I doubt the kids are judging it in the same way. I mean, getting personal with goats and sheep is fun, but at the S.D. Zoo, you get to pet antelope. That's usually a luxury reserved for wealthy people and Arensens!
Lucy desired numerous pictures with the various artwork, but I limited her to one.
We waited to get in, which didn't bother me. There was a large school group at the zoo in the morning, but they left after lunch.
The Los Angeles zoo does have brushes. That's a plus. And the docents are just as grumpy and judgemental as at any other zoo. This is a big goat.
Miles mostly stood back and watched and pointed. He loved the whole experience, even washing up afterwards.