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Jack and Nanny took a little nap at Nanny's house the day before we went back home.

Sleeping in heavenly peace....
Merry Christmas Eve!! I know that Christmas has passed, but first things first. Here is the yearly installment of Fusano Christmas Eve.My cousin Diana flew in from Baltimore for the occasion, and I don't know what Uncle Tony and Rosie are looking at.
Jack fell asleep on the way over from my Mom's house, all of fifteen seconds of driving away. I set him under the Christmas tree and he slept through the loudness that my Umpa dubbed, "the Tower of Babel."
Selah Paix in her Christmas dress, so excited about the party.
John, Aunt Angie, Uncle Phil and Umpa...not a great picture.
Selah and Uncle Tony.
Aunt Roseanne and Diana's friend, Cliff. Cliff was forced to do the annual Santa dress-up and Ho-ho-ho-ing.
Jack, still sleeping. He was so adorable, and I had to spend a lot of time sitting next to him to protect him from his cousin's running feet.

Lucy would not pose for me, so all of her pictures are blurry.

Santa Cliff and Lucy Gates.
Gianna and Santa. Giannn…