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I think that I'll toss a little Miles and Isai in with the vacation mix. Isai is three months old, and Miles is four months old- exactly one month apart, these two.
They liked to look at each other, and attempted to explore each other's faces with their hands, which was not really very nice for whoever was being explored.

Two sweet little men. They look a little alike in profile, but from straight on, they could be unrelated.

I kept trying to get a picture of their little feet together, especially the way that they would curl their toes around each other. I actually devoted more energy and time to it than I should have...but they were both happy, so no harm was done. As Rosie said, "I can see why it might seem like a good picture, but it doesn't really translate." No, but really, could I avoid posting it?
We went on a walk in Vermont, in October. Now, I know that this is taking me longer than it should to post. Our computer has been acting up, but I also have been a little busy.
I would skip all of our vacation, but it was so dear to me- it was a really wonderful two weeks, and I would hate to miss posting any of it here.
Also, the further we get from it, the better it is to look at our adventures and appreciate the time we spent with some of our favorite people.
These pictures are from the first week, when Lisa and John were still with us. The other Tate chickens were at the Lake House, and we were enjoying having eight children, still. We took Edwards on this walk. He is a good dog to walk.

It was cold. Here in Idyllwild, now, it's been wonderfully warm, and we haven't had to bundle up, yet. We didn't mind the cold, though.
The kids walking through the leaf litter.
We made our way to Munger Brook, and tried to keep everyone mostly dry.
Elisabeth and the JET-dog.
I know that maybe one of you is wondering why I haven't been posting more.
I've been distracted.
Rosie brought her two children up to my house for the week, and we have been having a wonderful time.

I went down to my mom's house the weekend before last to meet my new nephew...I knew Rosie would be coming up this week, but I couldn't wait. He's adorable in picture, but even more so in person. I don't think that Miles and Isai could look any different from each other, though.
I have to take a short break from my vacation posting to tell you all that Miles Bradley, seventeen-week-old, 4 months old tomorrow, rolled over from his front to his back last night.
He's really very strong on his tummy, although I am not very good at giving him enough time on his stomach...he doesn't seem to need it.

Jack, after we all watched Miles roll over and cheered, persisted in showing me that he also could rool from HIS front to HIS back. He doesn't remember when we cheered his rolling, less than two years ago!
Joel and Christine had a retreat to go on, so we got to help Grandma and Grandpa Tate watch their other four grandchildren. Josh built a bonfire on the beach.

Josh told a story.

Josh wanted to see the fire from the boat.

We roasted marshmallows, but the fire was very hot.