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Miles is three months old!

And we are in Vermont!
We love to hold baby Miles. Everyone needs a turn, and when it comes, it is great fun. He puts up with much more than poor Jack did at his age, and is thereby more fun.

We love this baby. If he is the end, at least he's a good note.
This is my friend Marin's younger daughter, Emmy. She's a sweet girl, and a perfect little two-year-old. She and Jack have a strained relationship, but she LOVES Miles. For some reason, there are not as many infants around Idyllwild as there were with Jack and Lucy, so Miles is quite the specimen. I spend a lot of time defending him at soccer games from little hands and faces.

Emmy is pretty good about it, but there are some children who I have caught trying to pick him up, after I have told them they can't. (Obviously. Who gives permission to kindergartners to pick up their babies?) Miles takes it in stride, without much fussing even, but I think he's being exposed to a lot of germs early...maybe it's a good thing.
The many faces of 12 weeks old.

He likes to talk to me...mostly making phlegmy noises and saying, "goo." He's beginning to roll onto his side, and definitely looks for me when he hears my voice elsewhere, but he likes all faces at this point, and will reward whoever notices him- and some who don't- with a smile.