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Sometimes we like each other.
We had a good time at the Turning Leaf Festival at Idyllwild Bible Church. I entered a chili and Bowden and Lucy each entered a chocolate treat into the children's contest. Miles and Jack were both excellent taste-testers. Miles exercised his sticky fingers on my camera lens before this picture of Jack above.

Lucy and Bowden didn't win anything, but they both got a candy apple for entering!

I tied for second with my friend, Van Schipper.

This was a cute, drool-y baby who belongs to my friend, Julie.
Lucy, Jack and Becky loved the hay bales on the truck. I loved it all- but I'm too competitive. I love it more when I win.
We were der sicky on Friday. What a shame.

The two big kids fell asleep on my bed, so I took Jack and Milosch outside. We're all well now, it seems, but really, I hate this season.
Last Monday was Columbus day. I only know that because Jack and I tried to go to the library for reading time, but found it closed and lonely. We made our way- just the two of us- to the coffee shop and spent a happy hour talking. Jack asked about four times if the stool could be his table. I said yes every time. He also asks if the stroller can be his motorcycle, the car his truck, and the couch his bed. I always say yes, unless saying yes means that I can't recline as I choose to.

I like my boy. Of all my children, he is the one that needs the most alone time, and opens up the most when it's just him and I. We had a very nice hour, and apparently Josh had a nice time with Miles at home.
This is my favorite drink at Higher Grounds..."What the French Toast?"
That's right. I like to see how it looks like french toast batter halfway down. I love this coffee. I spend way to much time at the coffee house. It helps that some of my best friends work there.

Our good friends, the Whites, have been celebrating their tenth anniversary in Jamaica, and their parents have been watching the White children up here on the mountain. I've seen the kids almost every day since their parents left, and they're such sweet and well-adjusted kids. I told Emily I'd keep an eye on them while they had goodly grown-up time. I love the Whites, and I love their children, and we've had the joy of knowing them while their family has grown.
I had Jack and Seth pose for this picture below for two reasons- one, they're cute- right? Two, they were matching, but that's not just any sweatshirt.

The third reason I took this was because Bowden and Joel used to wear these matching outfits in preschool together...really, four years is not very long, but the changes that take place in a child's life and growth in that time are enormous. (Here are Bowden and Ethan, with Bowden wearing the sweatshirt, and here are Joel and Bowden together, but not …
Lucy is the only one of our kids playing soccer- Bowden would rather run around the field while she practices, playing with his other friends that aren't playing.

Miles is just too little to play on a team.

Bowden took some time away from his busy play-schedule to show Miles his moves.

Lucy gets so excited about playing- she's covering her mouth here as she waits for the ball. I love soccer season because it's so social. In fact, we almost didn't have anyone playing, but I didn't want to miss out on the time at the field...I don't know what that says about me. At least, I don't know what this says about me that could be good. Ah, well.
It's soccer season again, and the days have been cooling off. Miles wore the official cold weather hat for all of our children- the wormy apple hat. He loved it, and loved wearing it, but mostly he loved taking it off. I would spare you the hi jinks, but I am not feeling terribly decisive right now. I'll dump the whole load out, and see what you find when you sift through.

Jack-son y Milosch.

Playing with Daddy.

We do have some high times at those soccer games!!
We spent a few hours of the rainy Saturday at the coffee shop. Truth be told, I spend a lot of time at the coffee shop. This time, Bowden lucked out to have Phillip and Jordan there.
Clearly a covered head is far more important than a covered belly.
Miles decided that the black marker was the most delicious marker of all. When I took it away from him, he was very upset.
Straight to the bath with the baby!
A toothbrush didn't really help.

Poor baby, he wanted that marker so badly.