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How nice it was to have Aunt Marlene and Uncle Tony and Dave here. I really, really enjoyed it.
The chirrens really warmed up to them, too...not strange for Bowden and Lucy, but Jack is a little bit of a Momma's boy.

My Uncle Tony and Aunt Marlene took the most active vacation anyone who has stayed with us has ever taken. Undeterred by our lack of locomotion, they went on two hikes and two bike rides in two days. We all went down the leisurely Ernie Maxwell trail with the chickens.

We started out with hats on and bottles in hand. I ended up carrying the hats and bottles, unfortunately. I am excellent at carrying.

It was a little chilly at the top of the trail, but we quickly warmed up. Uncle Tony nicely posed for me. Nicely, but not happily. I understand this feeling. Not every moment needs to be captured, and prolonging the moment is artificial and, why did I do it?

We stopped A LOT to enjoy the views- and to let little legs rest.

Suicide Rock.

I like the man formation in the rock.

Resting on rocks.

Aunt Marlene liked this angle for our Christmas picture.

Here she is, the avid photographer!

Not this angle.

Here we be.

Bowden and Lucy look a little...wiped.

Marlene missed the family for the…
My Lucy Gates, this morning.
My Jacky, this morning. Snotty and oatmeal-faced.

And, of course, he had a bath last night. This is all new dirt!
I know, I know. I post too rarely. I post too shortly. I am a BAD poster. So, here we are, with a picture of your favorite Bowden, from today.
This week is "Red Ribbon Week" at Idyllwild Elementary, and today is "Red Rally Day" Prizes are handed out in each class for the most creative RED outfit. I like that Bowden isn't ashamed to wear weird things. I hope he never is. I admire his strength of character so much, but I don't know if that will maintain itself he is more aware of the world and others around him. We'll see. For now, he's a chicken dumpling.
We went to the beach yesterday.
Rosie is out in California with Selah and her friend Uli and Uli's sweet dog, Cloud. Us Tates left for the Valley early- well, 9:15am. We made it just in time to get together with my Grandma for lunch at McDonalds.
Lunch was done, and we took the 5 to the 126 to Oxnard.
Rosie came out because Uli has been craving the beach- a feeling I understand entirely. They drove out from Flagstaff, and thanks to a conference day at school, we were able to take these two days off and visit with the girls. It's been a beautiful weekend so far...and I really like hanging out with Rosie and Uli.
I do miss my husband, though.
Here are my photos from the rose hip picking. This is about as dedicated as Bowden got. He picked one rose hip, then threw it out into the gully to make room for lizards.
Lucy was better, but did want to add every flower she saw to the mix.
The rose hips on the campground were very small, but we knew of bigger ones by the creek, so to there we went.
Bowden sat on the car for a while, Jack slept for over an hour there, and Lucy talked to herself on the rocks.
Eventually the shoes and socks, and pants, too, came off.
Josh White turned 30 this past Sunday, and his ever-lovin' wife, Emily, threw him a surprise party. Here we are waiting for him to come home from work.
In fact, all of the pictures I took were before the party got going...i.e. before we started eating...and once the party started, I was done with pictures.
Some of the kidlings entertained themselves at the table.
Hidemi, with baby Maddie.
Josh came home, we yelled surprise! He was actually was very fun. Happy birthday, Josh. We love you!
Jacky loves baby Abbey White. Lucy loved babies, too, but generally, Jack doesn't love babies. Just Abbey.
It could be because he sees her more than any other baby.
She really tickles him, though.
How could he not adore her? Abbey is adorable. All of the Tates are fans.
We came home today from picking up Bowden to find the Forroux children playing on our play set- the social equivalent to finding buried treasure.
Becky and Lucy were playing in the toy room, and Phillip and Bowden were outside on the play set. I overheard the boys talking.
They must have been discussing birthday parties, because I heard Phillip tell Bowden that he would invite Bowden to his birthday party."What is it going to be?" Bowden said after a happy little, "Ooohhhh."
"I don't know. Maybe pirates."
"I had a pirate party and it was awesome. I got a pirate puzzle and all kinds of pirate stuff."

I don't know what the crash was outside- when I looked out, there wasn't anything down that had been up, but it made the boys crack up.
After they laughed awhile, I heard Phillip say, "Hey, Bowden."
"I like you."
"I like you, too."

(I always like people better after we've laughed together- t…
Becky and Lucy in the playroom, just so you know I'm truthful.
I haven't taken many pictures, but today was picture day. Soccer pictures for Bowden, and preschool pictures for Lucy.
The most chaotic and tiring part of the week has ended, and tomorrow should be nice and relaxing and maybe even fun since we have planned a date...other than that, I haven't posted much because not much has happened.
I took a nap on the floor today, just so you have SOME picture in your head.