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I took some pictures for Jobie when I wrote him yesterday.

You should write him, too! He must be lonely and miserable, poor puppy.
Jack is three weeks old today. He actually enjoyed his baby gym for ten minutes today while I put Lucy down for a nap.
He looked a lot more gnomish in person, and darker, too for some reason. He's awake a lot more now- he still sleeps pretty solidly except to eat from 12 to 5 or 6, and he's gotten a lot better at falling back asleep at night, but still, he's cranky when he's awake about 75 percent of the time.

I hear from out the office door, "Mommy, help me, I'm stuck!" So I go out. As it was not said with any rush or worry, I do not rush or worry. I find Bowden on this large stump. "I was chasing a lizard and I climbed up, but it wasn't up here, and I got stuck." He waited patiently while I got my camera.

He then tried to demonstrate how he climbed up, and I watched, although he was unsuccessful.

Just so you know.
Umpa and Grandma Gigi brought us a wonderful playset- that my children love and will not stop asking to play on.

Thanks Umpa and Grandma!
This is how Jack was all day yesterday. Holy Mackerel. I think it was the Mexican food I ate. I don't really know what it was. He was one angry baby.
Jack has been cranky the past few days. This morning he woke up happy, but has since progressed to slightly less angry than yesterday. He smiled for the first time today! So we took pictures, but not of him smiling, because it took some work and was, as all first smiles are, fleeting. Bowden loves to hold Jack.

Three chickens on a bed.
My mom is visiting, and has taken a load off of my shoulders. She even took me out to lunch today, and Josh watched the two big ones. Josh had to life-guard for the "polar bear swim" this morning, so we all snuggled in our big bed this morning.

My mother and children, full circle.
I look a lot at his little parts.
Two weeks!And he's very excited!
My Umpa and Grandma came up to meet their 15th great-grandchild...only the third boy...and held everybody.

I would post more, but Josh just called me from home, and the two week old is very angry that he can't eat every hour. A post a week isn't bad, hmm?
This little man is a week old. Yesterday at his doctor's visit he weighed in at 8 lbs- ten ounces more than when we left the hospital 5 days before.
Last night he slept from 11:30pm to 5:30am...I'm hoping he makes a habit of it, but even for one night it was nice.
I can't get a good shot of his eyes, but they are blue- not steelie-greylike Bowden's. I think they'll hazel out as he gets older.
Bowden and Lucy played with birthday play-dough today. Bowden made ice cream that was, "delicious."
Lucy was overjoyed with her creation- I was pretty impressed, too.
My three. Bowden and Lucy want to hold Jack all of the time. They're very gentle- I am always right there. Bowden used to hold Lucy too, and when he was done he'd try to just toss her aside like a toy. He's much better at four than two.

Bowden woke up to find the table set and presents out. Grandma and Grandpa sent the figurines, and they made the table.
Enjoying the table from up high.
Opening a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Tate....
...a what kind-of-ball?
The table pre-breakfast.
Lucy and me and Jack.
The bouncy ball from Nanny, also good for kicking and throwing, apparently.
Josh setting up the teepee.
Jack helping his Nanny with the balloons.
It begins.
I wasn't quite as tired as I appear here. Don't worry.
I will post this birthday bit by'll see. It was great. But I am tired.

So I'll post every picture and edit later. I don't have time. I am holding a baby much of the day, but the good news is, I'm crazy about him.