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Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!!!!! We got together and waited for you to come online at Emily's house, but you were not there.
There was a cake you couldn't eat, but we thought about you.
Seth thought about eating the cake.

I'm not sure what Eli was thinking.
Do you think that 43 dollars is too much for a sweatshirt with monkey ears? Do you now?
The picture is free. The sweatshirt is too much money.
We snuggled on the couch a bit Thanksgiving night.
I went in.
It took a while.
But I made it.
Thanksgiving was a good day with good food, of course, and my favorite part, lots of family. My cousins Matt and Michelle were out from Utah, and they brought my other little cousin, Porter. I haven't been able to see much of Porter- but it was really good to be with that part of the family.
Porter is a really sweet boy- very friendly and cute. Even when he screams. And he can scream.

You'd think that Gianna and Mikenna were looking at something amazing. Maybe not so amazing- maybe just television- but it was actually less...electrifying. Some children find fire exciting.
Gianna is a doll.

Mikenna smiing- Porter, Gianna and Mikenna are all first cousins- my first cousin's children- so my children's second cousins. Porter is the only other boy in this new generation beside Bowden and Jack. Beyond that, it's about thirteen girls. Cute girls, but girls. Bowden likes them, but I think he'll like having a boy cousin to play with.
More cousins- Alyssa, the oldest of the great-grandchildren.
Angelina, Gianna's sister.

Once we got home, Lucy ate some of the pumpkin pie we took home.

She wore her Christmas dress, because I don't think we'll be down in the Valley for Christmas. Bowden wore his holiday outfit as well.
Jack and Nanny at home, on Thanksgiving.
I've been spending the week at my Mom's house while Josh is in San Diego at a conference. She's a great lady. I'm thankful for her- for my children- my family- and my husband. Happy Thanksgiving!
It is a brave new world with Jack in the backpack. We basically survived Lucy's 3rd through 8th month with this backpack. He didn't tolerate it long, but it was his first time.
The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Josh preached at the advent christian church in La Verne. Since there was a Redskins game on right after church, and the drive home was farther than the drive to the Valley, we found ourselves at my grandparents house while my grandparents were away.
I'm not that big a fan of football, so Nanny and I took the kids on a walk around the block, stopping at my Aunt Marlene and Uncle Tony's house to visit. We ended up with our cousin Layla along for the jaunt.
The girls held hands on their own, but it wasn't always so sweet.
Bowden climbed "way up high" at Tony and Marlene's.The wall between two neighbours' houses was a good place to stop.
Nanny- wild about curves.
Oh, hey!!!!
Baby Jack in the stroller with Layla's baby pumpkin she brought along.
Layla liked Jacky.
Oh, there are crayfish in the pond.

After our walk, we went back to the Rini's house and ate dinner. Here is Uncle Tony with Layla and Jack.
Sometimes Sarah Tate shows Joshua Tate that she loves him.
At the moment, this is the only picture I have of Jobie. You may know him from his blog, and you may know, from his blog, that he had appendicitis and had an appendectomy- and then got a few bad infections...

The poor guy has been in the hospital since the Friday before last. Pray for him...he's feeling much better today and everything is working right, but he won't go home until Wednesday.
The Miller's had a Harvest Party in celebration of their daughter Niah's first birthday. My children went crazy.

Oh, yes, Bowden loves marshmallows.
Lucy loves apples- until she sees marshmallows.
My friends Emily and Julie with their little ones, Seth and Cody.
Jack at...23 weeks? I am losing track, which means that soon I'll switch to months. I know these weekly updates keep some of you going, but you'll make it.

They like to lie together.