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We went on an electric boat ride while Mom Tate was out with us in Oxnard. My Umpa drove, and we took in the sights.

Easter is a day to fill one with more gratitude than all the Thanksgivings forevermore- and more joy than all the merry Christmases! We don't really celebrate it that way, but today my heart is glad and glad and glad that Christ defeated death and rose again!
I am overwhelmed with the significance of this day- so, nothing to write except, Rejoice!
We raced a little madly out of the door about five minutes to ten today. Idyllwild had the annual Easter Egg hunt today, and we woke late and took our time about the morning- I had the pleasure of Angelica and Kaitlin Barr's company, and we made banana bread and they decorated a bonnet while I made omelettes- before I knew it, it was 9:40am and I had to rush like a crazy woman- which isn't a stretch- to get the kids dressed and in the car.
Twenty minutes may seem like enough time to drive a short two minutes, but the sad fact is that it takes me thirty minutes to get us ready to do almost anything. We are almost always late to almost everything. We made it to the egg hunt, though.
Lucy was in the first section, for kidlings 0-3 years. She enjoyed it, and took her time.
She stared at the rush of children at first.
Found the first egg...
...and the second! It took her a bit to get the idea of an egg hunt where the eggs aren't hidden.
Bowden was next with the 4-9 year …