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We had a terrible homeschool day on the Monday before last. Bowden refused to do his math- and sat at his desk or another chair for about 6 hours. It was awful...but I expected it at some point. If you knew Bowden, you wouldn't be surprised.
I was afraid that because he threw the monster fit of the year, he would miss out on our super-fun homeschool field trip to Riley's Farms in nearby Oak Glen. We have been rereading Little House in the Big Woods, and my friend Julie lent me her new copy of Johnny Appleseed, so we were ready for some quality pioneer-times...if Bowden could finish all of the work he neglected.

This is the good thing, and the frustrating thing, about Bowden. He KNOWS this stuff. He can do it, so, once he knew that he had work to make up, and a trip to look forward to, he just did it.
Soooo.....we went! Josh took the day off, so we were all able to go together.
It started with a jamboree. See that talented man in the overalls with the bones? He's my friend Jul…
Today was our first day of homeschooling. When I told someone at church that we were starting today, and that I was nervous about it, she said as she left, "You'll be on your honeymoon!"

Whoever said this- you were right.

It was awesome. We did everything we had planned to do, and were done by eleven. I brewed tea for us, like my friend Julie Fourroux suggested, and we got down to business. I had planned on starting with math because it is Bowden least favorite subject, but I ended up reading about the fabled beginning of Britain instead, and from there, it worked itself out.

Lucy had more rough moments than my boy Bowden, who hesitated for less than a second a few times before gamely plunging into whatever I had planned. We did our reading, writing and arithmetic with some Blake poetry thrown in, a French lesson from Daddy, too, and a later nature walk and cooking class.

I'm a little scared that it went too well, and that the rest of this week is going to be less than w…
Lucy, tonight, complained about the corn chowder I'd made for dinner, and was reprimanded. She slowly finished her bowl, long past everyone else was done, and as I was cleaning up she said to me, "Next time you make this dinner can we not have dessert?"
As many- or some- of you may know, I am homeschooling my two largest chickens. I have a ton and a half of reasons why we're moving from public school to home, but I'll save that for another post. I'm not starting until the twelfth of September....because I don't have to.
(This is my favorite thing about homeschooling so far. I say, "I don't have to," to about five million and a half things that annoyed me before. I don't like starting school in August? I don't have to. I don't like going to Back-to-School night? I don't have to.)

Jack-er-whack, however, began preschool on the 22nd, at the public school. We signed him up for the first five program back in April before I had decided to take Bowden and Lucy out of school, and once that decision was made, it seemed like it might be best to continue with that plan as the rest of us settle into our new arrangement.

I took him in without the chaos of seeing three children off to their new rooms, an…