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School! Already?
Classes started on Monday, and we here at Camp Maranatha have not yet finished our summer season. This is little bit of a crazy week- we have our second largest group of the summer in, but most of our staff is going, or has gone, home. Josh has been working in the kitchen in the mornings...breakfast this week is served at seven, which means that he has to be in the kitchen at 6am...I have to get the kids ready, and myself, and go down to breakfast. In years past we have just done breakfast at home, but this year that seems harder, somehow, or more time-consuming.
We've been having the kids set their clothes out the night before, so that part of the morning is shortened, but really, we're tired and flat out. Josh comes home at 4pm so that I can go work...we haven't had much time off. It is just for the week, though, and then we can settle into the real routine of school and activities, small groups and socializing.
The kids, Bowden especially, were dismayed a …
Here is my six-week-old.

I like him, tons.
Some of my littlest chickens latest faces for you...mostly because I got tired of looking at his bald spot at the top of my blog. His Popeye face.
His crazy face.
Pretty pleased with how things are going.
Telling me a good joke.
Just happy to be my baby, I guess.
Oh! Not my baby, only. "Mine baby." So says Jack-son.
He even likes it when Jack hugs him. Jack did not like the two older kids near him most of the time, they were so loud and wild. Miles doesn't seem to mind, and will smile when they show up right in his face.
Jack was about to smother the baby, as lazily as he could.
Straining to get a better look at the wall, which is, like all the walls and ceiling, and much of the floor, wood.
Not happy with being on his tummy, I used my leg to prop him up. He didn't like this either, and I had him happily on his back in my arms just a few moments later. I always forget about tummy time...I should start sooner and more often, but they all hate it so much. Maybe …
It's the strangest bald spot ever. I don't really know why this little patch- and only this little patch- is falling out, but it definitely is. The weirdest thing is that he favors looking to the right so much, and it's on his left side...

The 'hawk is still large and in charge, although I tried to comb it all forward after his bath tonight. ( Look how sweet he is. This baby ate and slept all yesterday, and slept most of the night, and then slept all day today. He's a sleeper. It's pretty nice.)
I had my five-week post-partum doctor's visit today...I left the bigguns' with their father, and took the little Cannonball down with me. We met up with Lisa, and got pedicures, and had a nice semi-adult time.
I put away the too-small newborn clothes and took out the 0-3 month clothes a last week and found this little outfit, nearly new. I put him in it for our trip to the 108 degree weather- we're already having too cool weather for something so light.
They gave me a little gift for suffering my doctor.

Like I'd forget. C'mon.
Tonight, when Jack basically threw himself off of the bed head-first with no regard for his safety and well-being, and of course, injured himself, I picked him up and said what I have been saying more and more often to him. "Why did you do that?!"
After I said that, I said, "Are you okay? Poor baby."
The chickens took turns holding baby Miles, and Lucy sang him a song while Jack held him, and joined in. Just for you Grandmas and your hungry hearts.
Miles had a bath tonight.

Everyone wanted to be near him, now that he's clean. We're a very fastidious family...
Miles is five weeks old today.
A joy and a chunk, all in one!
The gang's all here.

That's worth about ten thousand words, but that's not saying much.
Not much has happened in a month.

One month ago, Miles was newly born, and we were just getting used to having him.

We all love him. I put him on the floor, and I have to watch that he isn't swarmed by adoring siblings.

At one month, though, Miles is no longer the smallest bean on the block...Rosie and Justin and Selah welcomed my new nephew into the world last night, and I am so excited!
Now that he is four weeks old...

...Miles is a lot like he was a week ago.
He just smiles more.