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We just returned home from an Advent Christian Leadership Conference in North Carolina, and I am feeling a little emotionally dizzy.   I'm excited, and nervous, and excited...
    Josh has been working towards his Masters of Divinity for the last...two years?  three years?   We have been praying about where or if we will go into the exciting and scary world of full-time pastoral ministry, and this last week was very affirming. 
   I haven't ever doubted that Josh could do it.  I am extremely biased, but he is a great preacher.  I love that he is exactly who he is at the pulpit as he is in normal life- which means that sometimes he mentions bodily functions and uses words like"crotch" in his sermons.  But he's real and he means what he says.
   But me?  I am not a pastor's wife.  I'm cranky and crazy and I do not enjoy crafts.  I am over-exuberant and I really like secular music.  I looked at the other pastor's wives at this conference and I felt l…