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Bowden's face is so weird in this picture. I had to post it.
Jacky just couldn't make it to bathtime. He's been using some of Miles' unwanted pacifiers, and tonight when I didn't hear him, I went looking. Bowden found him curled up like this. Even in sleep he's a Redskins fan.

My cranky little man. Poor little guy. He balance better in his sleep than he does awake.
Bowden and Jack and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast this morning when the school called to tell me- via pre-recorded message- that school was cancelled! Snow day! I decided to get everyone dressed, which made them want to go outside, and I decided to give Miles his first taste of a snowy day, so I dressed him in this sweet little suit that my sister got him. He was so happy his eyes disappeared.
Our little snow people.

He liked the adventure at first, but his hood kept falling off.

The snow in his face made him look like this. I picked him up and we all walked around. I'm glad that it's finally turned to's been slushing for the past three days...this is nice! (And still going!)
Not only is this chunkin 6 months old now, he also ate his first solid food today. He liked the attention...everybody had their cameras pointing at Miles, who was about to taste that sweet nectar that is rice cereal. He's a happy guy.
VERY happy.

Oh, until he tasted the stuff. I don't think he knew what to think of it.

Once he was done, he was all smiles again.

Jack finished off the rest of the cereal, and the warmed bottle. He was not picky about where the milk came from, and who am I to waste such fine product?
A Paulson New Year's Eve Celebration included two things...banana splits and pot banging. While we didn't bang pots this year, we did build some delicious banana splits. Even the kiddoes got one, which may be why Bowden and Lucy stayed awake until midnight. Belle Irving with her sweet face and her sweet split.
Tricia and and unwilling John.

Jack was so excited. He had many happy faces.

Lucy was hot, so she ate hers shirtless.
Bowden, my man.
I had one, too. John, in the background, is much happier here.
That's some good eatin, Bowden.

Chad eating his split.
Tricia just had a sundae.
Miles did not eat a banana split this year. Maybe next year.
Bowden was done in record time, and the banana was gone, too, which is not a Paulson tradition.

I don't eat my bananas, never have. Happy New Year!
Chad and Tricia and Belle helped with destruction of the gingerbread house. After it was knocked down, I gave the kids five minutes to eat whatever they wanted.
They tried to hoard, but I reminded them that it was all going.

Bowden kept taking huge bites, but I missed it. Fast little gobbler.

Generally, they discussed what they were going to eat before they did it.
Bowden just said, "Oh, it was fun that day!" I think next year I need to get everyone their own hammer just for the event.
We came home on the 26th to a second Christmas...all of our Tate presents were waiting for us at the house! The kids were so excited, and went right to town on their Dad Tate stockings. The kidlins had wanted to bring their soft toys made by Aunt Christine with them, so those were the first gifts we opened Christmas morning...we were incredibly blessed to be so remembered.
Did I mention that the kids were OVER THE TOP about all of the candy?

Jack ate all but three pieces in that first sitting...only Dad and Mom Tate know how much candy I let him eat. I'll keep it that way, lest you just me unfit. Thanks, Tate Family!!
We took a trip down to the Living Desert on Saturday, and I took these pictures of Miles. He was happy to lay down on something, and was so adorable, that I took five that I like...these have little to do with our trip to the zoo, so I'll just post them now. He must touch the camera...he must...
But, really, he's okay is he doesn't.

The baby has a neck!!!

Toes up, I love this baby.