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Shots from today.Lucy, newly two, likes to play baby and lay herself down in the baby carrier. Mother obliged by carrying her down the stairs, hoping that the weak spot at the bottom wouldn't give out.
Bowden and Jack posed for a moment to show how differently colored they are. (Jack's hair does not look this light without the flash, I promise.)
Jack posed with his Mother in a shot taken by Master Bowden Tate. Then he threw up. (I can no longer say that this baby is cranky. He's become a very needy, but nice, little manling.)
Oh, baby girl.
Lucy turned two on the twenty-eighth. We set the table with Grandma and Grandpa Tate's presents...and some baubles and things. It was a dress-up and drink tea kind of birthday, and Lucy was excited. She said, "Mah birthday come up!" The table before the kidlins got to it.

You know it's your birthday when you get fruit loops for breakfast.

Brothers get fruit loops, too.
A pretty tutu and flower wreath for Lucy.
Grandma and Grandpa Tate's other gift- Milly-Molly Mandy. Lucy carried her around all day.

Bowden attempts to land the wreath...unsuccessfully.
We bought this wading pool as a gift for Bella Irving, but there was no place for it, so we gave her something else, and Lucy had a pool party with the visiting Ethan Richard and Bowby.
The little squirters made for a nice drinking fountain.
Later we had a tea-party with the staff.
Oh, yes, I made scones and tiny cucumber sandwiches.

Lucy loved opening her gifts, but I don't think she knew what the…
Seven weeks old, and still a looker. Jack does wear some sassy outfits, sometimes.
He's pretty happy on this cozy blanket his Grandma Tate sent.
Nay, excited, about the blanket.
He still weighs 11.8 pounds. He must be slowing down.
The chickens like to hold Jack. Jack doesn't like to be held by the chickens. I tried so hard to get a well-posed shot.
Lucy was concerned that Jack was crying. She kept saying, "Ih's okay, Jacky."
Bowden put on a good face.
But eventually the crying got him, too.
They gave him a kiss, and I picked him up. Don't worry that Jack was traumatized. The picture taking took all of twenty seconds.
Orange juice is a delicious treat when frozen.
Orange juice is a delicious treat when it's not frozen, too.

Although it's bad for the pretty white shirt.
Is that better? I love this picture.
Six week old Jack has been enjoying lying on his back. I put him on the Baby Gym, but he seems to find the little dangly creatures slightly disturbing. He likes to look at me, though.

I weighed him last night, and he weighs 11.8 pounds. What a chunkin.
(Sorry for the red-eye.)
Our friends the Morgans sent us an undeserved package with baby clothes, ginger beer, and the coolest clothes my kids could hope for. Josh loved the brew.
The chickens were mesmerized by the splendor of the package, and quickly moved in for the kill.
They liked the outfits, I think. Bowden walked around with a pair of Lightning McQueen socks on his feet and arms all day. Thanks, Michelle!
Baby Jack will only be happy for about a second of Bowden holding him. I think he senses that the perch is precarious.
Bowden loves to hold him, though.
Thanks to Jen Richard for one of the cutest outfits ever. It's perfect. Sherry and Meghan Christiansen gave him two similiarly cute and weather-appropriate outfits, and I love them enough to take pictures of Jack not smiling.

He's nice and calm. That's enough.
I am again posting some very outdated photos...but they were taken just before Jack was born, and the chance did not arrive to post them before Jack did. Enjoy!
We went on an especially warm Idyllwild day down to Strawberry Creek to was an impromptu trip, and I wasn't going to let the kids in the water, but eventually the water called to us all. We took off our shoes and socks, and Lucy's pants, and waded to Josh's and my hearts' content. The chilluns could have played forever.

The above shot is pre-shoe-shedding, under the bridge.
Still under the bridge, not yet in the deeper stream bed.

Lucy loved it.
Finally in!
Keep your pants dry...oh, too late.
The water started clear, but the soft and mucky bottom quickly made it murky.

Bowden, also, loved it.

Bowden sat down and wanted Josh to come and visit. I stuck by Lucy's side.
She basically sat on every rock she could, and some she couldn't.

They had an important conversation, but I'm sure about what.