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My visit with Rosie was a blast. It takes about a million years to get there- okay, not really. I'm a traveling pansy. It was about a twelve hour one way because we took a couple of side trips beach-ways. (I had said that it was twelve hours round-trip earlier...I would really be quite a weak traveler if six hours was too much for me to handle. Doesn't 12 hours one way sound tiring? We stopped halfway to stay the night both up and down, but still.)

Once we got there, our days were filled with so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went swimming in the river. Bowden saw a "water-snake" that turned out to be a lovely yellow and brown rattlesnake. We didn't go swimming anywhere near there, though.

Miles and Seaside played together.

Naps were taken, but not by me.

This boy made these faces, just to melt his aunt's heart.

We ate many meals.

Selah smiled for me.

Nanny demanded poses.

We danced some... our lemonade stand.

Rosie was very welcoming.

So was Isai.

We love those…
This is what we did every day while I was in Chico. I ent skeered. And I have no shame.