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More park pictures...

Lucy loved the ducks.
We went to the park after our ultrasound, and then to the Cheesecake Factory, but I only have time for one picture...belly from the side.
We caved, and found out.
The name is back to...John "Jack" Fox Paulson Tate- the name we originally agreed on way back when before we were even engaged. No '-adams' or 'Ebenenzer.'
We have time to change our minds, but he's going to be called Jack no matter what. Maybe we could name another son, be we so blessed, Adams Ebenezer, and be like another family I know....

My due date has been moved to June first from the thirteenth, so I am officially 22 weeks along- I jumped an exciting week and a half closer to meeting the baby...but I enjoy the journey.
I have a picture of my belly, from the side and cloth-ed, but Josh is actually working at his work computer. I will have to sneak away at bath-time and post it up!

And just so you know...I am VERY happy and excited to be having another boy. Josh actually wanted a boy, and I don't know if I could be more or less happy if this was a girl, but I love knowing what to call our newest one. Did that make sense? …
Shamlessly posed, mostly by me, so you could say 'imposed.' Bowden was self-posed for the upside-down couch picture.
This picture is of Lucy when I try to take a picture before she's eating.
This is Lucy inspecting her food.
This is Lucy saying 'cheese' once she has her food.
I read a book that my mother-in-law gave me, and in it the characters had tea every Saturday. I began to crave tiny cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream, so I talked Lisa and the Barr girls into having a tea with me on Sunday. We invited Larissa Shirley over, and it was fun, although quiet, except for nibbling and sipping.
I am going to have another today. I am still craving tiny cucumber sandwiches. We ate all of the scones that the Barr girls made, but I have the recipe. I bought the little rock candy stick to swirl in our tea, and that was the obvious highlight for the chunkins.
We played in the snow a little after one meal or the other. Not a lot of snow, which is good. Bowden has refused to walk in snow that is over an inch...he doesn't like snow in his shoes, and snow boots seem like a waste of money for the amount of snow we get. A dusting suits us all just fine, although I wish it would get above freezing!
I have discovered that nothing happens during my day that didn't happen the day before. I continue to take pictures, though 'nothing new under the sun' is not exciting.
Saturday we went for a walk with strange hats on. I ended up wearing the captain's hat after a while. We ate in the dining room- Josh was down in Tustin at a Commission meeting for camp, so we didn't see him until four or so.
And there it is, well, part of it, since I'm sitting and hunching. Look! All of my glorious stretch marks are coming out of hiding, and I am even more droopy than ever. I will get a real picture of myself and Rosie, clothed and pregnant-looking, the next time I see her, but this will have to do.
Sorry if this grosses anyone out...I haven't ever thought that my belly was ugly, but I'm not so ashamed either. It's interesting- look at my scar from my belly button ring- it gets more pronounced the further along I go.
Tuesday is our ultrasound, and until this point I have been steadily on the side of "not finding out," but I am beginning to want to know if it is a Jack in there, or an Annie Rose....(change of name..."Anita" is my mother and grandmother's name, and we got a book about two children a lot like mine...the little girl is Annie Rose, and so will ours be.)
Phew. Good thing my belly button is clean. Now stop harrassing me! (I LOVE you g…
Nanny or Uncle Justin's pants were donned when Bowden was told to, "Put On Some Pants!" He actually wore them for a good two hours before returning to his nekkid ways.
The drugstore in Oxnard was getting rid of their Christmas merchandise- these huge pegasi were 5 dollars each, and I couldn't resist. We gave them to the babies right before bed, which cause some separation anxiety for Lucy 10 minutes later.
They have been loving the ponies since, though.
January 11th was Josh's 29th birthday. We spent it shopping for a minivan and driving from the Valley to the Beach, but we had fun. I didn't make the traditional whoopie pies, but the next night I bought Josh a little heart ice cream cake and put candles in it. Happy birthday!!

My children are very good when Aunt Lisa babysits them at her house. I always bring a video, but really, they love it there.
The last time we had her watch them was last Monday night, a day after we came home from the beach. We had our "Youth Leader's meeting" at our Youth Pastor's house- two houses away from Lisa's apartment.
So we went to the meeting, and came home to find the three of them all snuggled up in the middle on the floor on all of Lisa's blankets and pillows watching the O.G. 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' We finished the movie, but before we left, the kids showed me how Aunt Lisa's linoleum entry-way is really a pool for swimming.
Today's picture- Bowden wearing every color but yellow. I don't know why, but he did not choose to wear yellow.
We had a little cookies and milk break with Aunt Lisa while Lucy was napping, and fell to conversing about color.
Oh! And look what lives in our carport! Finally, a car of our own that works! And big enough to fit all the children we may have while we pay it off, and my mom!

(And now I am done- Josh has to be back to work.)
Since all of my posts are reviews, here is what was happening today when I left. Lunch- Turkey, mozzarella, and cheddar melts, chicken noodle soup, and cut grapes. It all sounded unappetizing to me- no morning sickness with this baby, but no appetite.
And everything tastes funny.
There's the update.
Aunt Lisa drove us home on Monday, and we gave the children tiny oreos from the extra two goody bags that Aunt Lisa got from Ethan's house after the party.
Bowden was willing to share.

We stayed at my mom's house for an extra day after Ethan's was a little bit crazy since Josh's birthday was on Thursday, and we had plans to come back down to the Valley in a couple days. I enjoyed being with my mom and sister and being away from the slightly oppressive place we live. My mom gave the chilluns a bath and then had the reward of snuggling with them...for a second.

It was time to put on pajamas, but I couldn't resist putting Lucy in this lovely new red silky dress that I got on sale. I had desired it before Christmas, but it was too much money, and when we went to buy Josh some clothing for his birthday, I found it for seventy-five percent less....Lucy rubbed her hands on her belly nearly the entire time she wore it, and she did not want to take it off. I have a nice turtleneck that will make it a productive, useful item, instead of a waste-of-money.

Ethan James is now four years old, and we hitched a ride with Aunt Lisa and crashed the party. I don't have a lot of pictures of Ethan or Bowden because they were both playing, but I did get a lot of Lucy.

I also got a picture of this little guest, who ate the tops off of four and a half cupcakes before his parents realized and stopped him. Party on, dude! Righteous. (It was that kind of party.)