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Just to let you know, I did not take any of the below pictures with my camera. In fact, I took very few of them. My camera was out of batteries, and I didn't get the replacements put in. I did, however, take home my Aunt Marlene's camera, and in penance, I am posting the following at her request. Enjoy!
My little Lucy turned three yesterday. I used to be frustrated with people who told me, "It will go by faster than you know." This was when Bowden was a little peanut of five or six months and I felt like every day was a year. Now, I just say, "I know!" and shake my head and commiserate.
We took this binky-less big girl to Disneyland- actually, my mother, in her abundance of generosity, took us all. My Aunt Marlene and little cousin Leyla (whose name I can never remember how to spell!) joined our family and Rosie and Selah and my mom on a really, actually wonderful day there. As a disclaimer, I really love Disneyland, and would be there now if I could be. The girls all had on their princess-wear for the day. Lucy went into the Disneyland town hall and got a special button with her name and age on it, and then she got a phone call from Mickey telling her happy birthday. All day the Disney employees would get down on her level and tell her happy birthday.
July at Disneyland is probably not the best time to go. The weather was beautiful, but the crowds were as thick and heavy as humidity. We did a lot of waiting in fact, at the end of the night I waited for a bathroom stall in the ladies room, and then waited in line to wash my hands. Despite that, we had fun.
I got to bond with one of my favorite little first-cousins-once-removed.
Josh "cuddled" with all of the kids at some point.
And my mom was, of course, really excited and happy. Isn't she always?
We flew the rockets- Leyla rode all alone way up high...well, not really. She went with my Mom, who must not have been in the rocket yet, and I took Bowden, who really wanted to go with his dad. That honor, however, went to the birthday girl.

He enjoyed himself as soon as he was in the rocket, and forgot that I was second-best.
I let him steer.
The kids saw the carousel and begged to go on it. It seemed that they hadn't noticed that there were rides everywhere...we relented....okay, we were all excited to go on. Bowden and Lucy and I rode horses a little ways up, closer to my mom. Josh kept Jacky, and off we went! Leyla loved her horse.
Leyla looking nonplussed, and Aunt Marlene looking super-excited!
Rosie and Selah on their horse.
Look at that little princess!
Jack-son discovered treasure on Tom Sawyer's Island.

I don't know if it was because he really loves gold, or if it was because he hadn't been put down in a while, but Jack really enjoyed himself.
We spent some time in the toddler friendly Toon Town. Bowden and Lucy, Selah and Leyla all ran around like crazy people, as if they hadn't been doing that all ready. Oh! Aunt Marlene, too.
Feeling lonely, Aunt Marlene asked her sister to join her.
Prince Bowden joined in, but it was still not enough.
Finally the watermelon was holding as many as it could. Don't they look like they were in the happiest place on earth?
We bought Lucy a "birthday bucket" at a restaurant near the parade route. We all sang to her without a candle, and she loved it. We were all focused on letting the kids have fun and having fun around and with them, and it turned out to be a beautiful day. The birthday bucket came with a cake.
Bowden was anxious to give Lucy her bucket.
Lucy loved the idea of the cake, but didn't eat any.
Selah was a little wiped by dinner time.
Princess Magnets?! Wow!
And you can wear part of the bucket as a hat? Awesome.
The best part is definitly the little comb and brush.
Although I think Leyla had the better end of the deal. She actually ate her cake, and had it, too.

Jack, wanting to join in. Josh.... Happy birthday, Lucy!
Before we went to the kid's swimming lessons, we had to go surfing.

Jacky wasn't sure if it was a dance, or just strangeness.

He decided it was a dance.
He asked the bricks to join him.

Lucy decided it was a dance, too. Everybody say, "Ho, Daddy-o!"
Steve Maxon spent a happy few (too few) days with us...after dropping him off at LAX, we went to my Mom's house for the night. I ended up staying to help hang pictures and enjoy my Mom and sister and niece, and Josh went back up the hill in my mother's car. Rosie often fed Jack and Selah at the same time- like two little birds, mouths open, peeping for more.
My Jacky, of course, wanted me when he saw me, but I did catch him happily eating without his Momma. It can be done.
Rosie just left my house after nearly a week here- I hope I was as much help as she was to me.
Jack is our Cinderella...Cinderello. We make him sleep in the ashes, in the fireplace.
He also does all the chores.

Not very well.
(Actually, the nicest thing about all this is that our fireplace has been cleaned out for the summer, so he didn't end up too messy.)