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Our porch in Florida

I love this porch.
I took these a few months ago when Charlie would still be confined to it.  Now he wants off and out and around- he's happiest outside, but with big logging trucks on the road in front, and wild creatures in the bushes and trees, Charlie on the grass means work.
He needs a shadow, and I get very little done- those books don't read themselves!
This day, past just two months, was easier.  He was satisfied with Lucy's extensive bead collection.  Lucy and I took turns taking pictures.

That outfit is STYLING.

Ice Cream Trip or Album Cover?

Just look at those cones.

Bowden came up with the band name- "School Supplies."

Too bad nobody plays an instrument.  In fact, Bowden told me yesterday that he HATES music.  Which is just as heart-breaking as if he'd said he hated reading.  How?  How can someone hate music?
That's just poor management.  Band management, I mean.  What I mean is this- I blame Josh.  Okay, not really.  I think it's just another thing my twelve-year-old son says because he hates learning about orchestras at school time.