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We spent the time between our early dinner and quiet bedtime dyeing eggs. We had neglected all week long, but it was the perfect activity for this lazy Easter afternoon. I had purchased a funny set of egg paints with rollers, and while very sticky, they were such fun to use.
Jack loved it right off.

Lucy and Bowden did a good job not mixing the paints. I was impressed. The colored rollers made it easy.

Bowden took his job seriously.

Lucy was a machine.

We took half of the eggs to my mom's house the next day on our way home, and we ate almost remains in my fridge, forgotten until this posting...I don't think we should eat it...
When we got back from Sylmar, and a strange lunch at McDonald's, I permitted the consumption of the chocolate sheep.
(Only the little lambs. The big ones remain in the pantry until they are forgotten and Fourth of July candy takes over.)

Have I put these up already? The Fusano great-grandchildren, minus eleven or twelve, I think.
From left; Lucy, Mikenna, baby Victoria on Gianna's lap, Angelina, Kailey holding Selah, Faith holding baby Micah, Alyssa, Jack, Bowden, and Leyla.

Our family, by hook and crook.

We woke up Easter Sunday at the beach house. I had set out Easter baskets and scattered eggs around the two front rooms the night before, so everything was ready. Apparently Selah got up early and made Rosie come downstairs, but didn't notice anything. Once my kids woke up, however, we couldn't hold them back. They looked at the table, first.

Candy- for Selah just a pretty package. I packed the babies eggs full of yogurt bites and crackers and organic finger cookies. Selah is restricted. Not that she seemed to mind too much.
Jack slowly woke up to the fun to be had.

Bowden grabbed the first egg...nicely hiding on the ground, easily found for the babies. I told him that his eggs and Lucy's eggs were up higher. He gave the one he had found to Selah.

She cherished it.

Jack liked carrying his egg basket more than finding eggs.

Selah found them and immediately opened them and consumed the treats inside.

Lucy flittered around.

Jack found one in the couch.

He gazed upon them l…
My mother turned a youthful 54 yesterday. I know some people don't want their ages known, but my mom has never been that concerned about it- one of the many valuable lessons she has passed to us just by being herself. I had a check-up down in Indio today- 31 weeks already! Josh kept the kids at home, while Lisa and I enjoyed some unhampered errand running down in the desert- on the way home, we started talking about some kids in the church that Lisa is helping out, and the home lives of many kids up here in Idyllwild.

I have much to be thankful for- I am well provided for- our home, our jobs, our children. We are monumentally blessed. And from the beginning, I was blessed with a mother who loved me and God and made both of those facts clear in all she said and did.

Happy birthday, mom. I love you, and I wished all day yesterday that we could be with you. We have some small birthday plans when we next see you, but know, now, that we are so glad that you came about the way you did- th…
We spent some happy days at the beach. It was warm at the beginning of the week, but later the wind picked up and it was almost not warm enough to be out. Almost. Josh brought his shovel and dug pits for the children, and Bowden and Lucy played in the dunes behind us.
Here are the pictures...

Notice that two people are talking at once? This is the way it often is with our family.

My beautiful little niece.
She liked to smile for me.
(my) Josh.
It took a little trying, but finally....

...I got her to smile.

Nanny and Selah.

The babies covered up from the wind.