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The next pictures are slightly disturbing, so be warned.  I'm not going to ask you to scroll through them quickly, even though that would give you a good idea of the proud savagery captured by my unhappy little camera on Thanksgiving Day.  Here is our Jack Fox.

And just what does Josh think about all this?

There you go.
Las Lomas is my favorite Mexican place.
One of the highlights of our Thanksgiving weekend in the Valley was our breakfast with Tony and Andy and Leyla and Umpa and my mom and all of us Tates. I wonder, as I type this, how many times I've eaten there?

     Miles loves Uncle Tony.  And who wouldn't?  He's a wonderful Uncle, and I am so blessed to have him as my own, and so thankful that my children have him, too.  Whenever we spend time with our Rini family, I see my kids with Tony and think about how much my father has missed out on.  Tony is a great-uncle unlike any other, and I see how God has used him and my Aunt Marlene to fill the hole that my father left us with.

        My dad's birthday was yesterday.  It's been eight and a half years since he died, and it's still so fresh at times.  I can't think about his birthday without thinking about how he would have hated it.  I wish, though, I wish...that the hole didn't exist, and tha…
Happy Thanksgiving! Really, if you think about it, September wasn't that far away.  Truth be told, I'm posting here more than 70 percent* of the people I have linked on my blog.  Honestly, for someone who has very little to say, I have done more than you would expect. But I'm sorry.  I think about all of the people I love who want to see my chickens, and I feel bad that I don't post more about what has been happening in our lives.  Because I really, truly believe that this medium is valuable in keeping us connected, and I know that for people like my family back in Vermont and Massachusetts, and my friends across the world, and even my mom two hours away, this  blog can be the best tool I have to make you a bigger part of my life. We have been doing things- millions of things, and at times I think too much.  Bowden started martial arts in September, and Lucy and Jack played soccer, too.  We have been plugging away at home-school with Lucy and Bowden, and when I use th…