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Showing posts from March, 2012
Sometimes the chicken's silence means trouble.

Sometimes it means a drum circle ready to erupt in the kitchen. (Why are these pictures so awful? I need a better camera. Or some camera lessons. Or a photographer to follow me about. I will pay in meals with my family.)

The sun really is too much for our lily-white skin.
My sister, Rosie, posted! Go to her blog for some beautiful baby pictures- of a very P-W baby!
On Monday, it was Bowden.
On Tuesday, Jack.
Wednesday, we kept Jack home from preschool, but it was really Miles' day.Today- really since last night- Lucy has been aching and fevered and a little congested, and my eyes feel like they're burning up.
I can hear Josh coughing upstairs.
That's all of us. Bowden and Jack are better already, so hopefully this thing will be conquered in time for St. Patrick's Day.
Guess what we got for Christmas. And guess who gave it to us.

I just had to post them all. We love these shirts.
What do you do in the snow? Look for tracks.

I sent Bowden and Lucy out with my camera.

Put unsweetened kool-aid in water bottles and send the kids out to color.

Pretend that you're living in the Big Woods and try to make "candy" from maple syrup.

I was bummed after I let the kids do all this- instead of some school- and when we really got going into actual school, they were cranky. So sad. At least their cute, even when they're not grateful.

(Just so you know, when I was a child, after reading Little House in the Big Woods, I tried to make maple syrup candy with table syrup- not real- and ice cubes. That's what we had. Really maple syrup was something I did not experience until I went to college. And I didn't like it. Too thin and sweet. Not buttery. Poor Sarah Paulson.)
We had a really productive visit with my mother this week before Josh preached in Chatsworth. But I only took one picture. We were busy.
Leap Day!

The best picture was of Bowden in the air, but he was only in his underwear, and he vetoed it. Still. We leapt!