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My kids have an egg hunt on one day...

....I have an egg hunt for the next eleven months.

A little bit of Spring Mud

Here in the dry mountains of Southern California, we enjoy some deliciously warm Spring days - warm enough for some sprinkler play.  The chickens asked if they could play in the water, but really, they played in the mud. 
 Bowden said that they were making themselves gorillas.  Jack and he did the appropriate chest thumping...
 ...and growling.
 Applying the gorilla.

 Miles decided to join the troop.

 Lucy will really have a better time of cleaning up than the boys.

Miles' gorilla face.
The unfortunate thing about this grand adventure is that it ended with some messy, messy trouble.  The two big kids led their brothers to the camp bathroom to clean up...and apparently shook themselves free of mud before actually washing off.  As I write, all four are confined to their rooms for an hour to think about how they need to respect the camp and clean up after themselves.

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter this year at my house- (I think) the first time we've done that in years. Traditionally we have attended one of our church's morning services and then driven down the hill, or been at the beach house.
  Our spring break was over on Good Friday, and we had been at the beach, but it seemed like so much work to stay down at my mom's house- to spend all that time packing, and then unload at her house and then pack again, and somehow fit all eleven of us into her three bedrooms...I know we could have done it, but home seemed so much more comfortable for all of us. It was a good decision.
  Easter weekend was lovely, and I was struck again at how enormously blessed I am to live where I do. The kids spent most of their time outside, and it was wonderful. I know that Rosie and the kids missed Justin, but I loved having everyone here. I have to admit- I was pretty grumpy, and I'm sorry, but I think we all got along pretty well, and sometimes that…