Lisa and Rosie and I met Cassie Yates during the summer of 1996 when we were on staff at Camp- the same summer Josh and I became "an item."
She now has a son, Kylan, but is much the and honest and full of potential.
We got her to come and visit with us for a few hours, and it was nice- Kylan was not as into Bowden as Bowden was into Kylan, but he did like our toys.


lisa d said…
haha- bodo's totally giving you the ol' PERDON? in the second shot.
I don't know what's in the water out there, honestly, but you guys don't seem to age really.
Well you do...but so slowly.

Bow's sweatshirt kills me everytime.
So hip...
lisa d said…
oh it's not the water... it's the sunshine.
sarah said…
job- i haven't been to your blog yet...did you steal something?
Sandy said…
You two mamas are AGLOW. You and Sharon look so gorgeous in these photos... and I can't see Jack, but that Selah belly has nearly satiated me (in one way, and created a whole new longing - ie. a bump of my own - all at the same time)!
Hey...are Bow's pants in this photo Redskin pants!!??

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